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Rabbi Frand - Confronting Narcissism

Published on Oct 17, 2012
Sinai Indaba is an annual Torah convention of the foremost
international Jewish leaders and thinkers. See more at:
An eminent rosh yeshiva, a prolific author and one of the most
sought after speakers in the Jewish world, Rabbi Yissocher
Frand is renowned for his blend of Torah scholarship, humour,
eloquence, passion and sensitivity. As a rosh yeshiva of the
prestigious Ner Israel yeshiva in Baltimore, Rabbi Frand is
regarded as an expert in halacha and Torah philosophy. With
his unique ability to convey profound Torah teachings in a
clear, practical and inspiring way, Rabbi Frand has published
seven books and serves as a keynote speaker at conferences
and events around the world.



The Backwards Brain Bicycle

This will teach you something you are not likely to know.
A few minutes to think very differently.

Published on Apr 24, 2015


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Published on Mar 2, 2014
"There are so many strange sounds from heaven around the world. We know that Jesus is coming soon. But are we ready to meet Christ in heaven? To those Christians who truly committed themselves aren't afraid to meet Him. To those who are not ready, Repent now while there still have time. Receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.

Jesus loves you.
No matter how great your sins are, He will forgive you. He's compassionate, loving, kind, and most of all, a forgiving God. Do it now! He's coming soon. To God be the glory!



Coffee Black and much more

London Real talks to Biologist & Writer Dr. Rupert Sheldrake

London Real talks to Biologist & Writer Dr. Rupert Sheldrake 
Doctor Penfield was a Brain Surgeon. [early 1900's - Montreal]
I quote from several of his thoughts  [djw]
“The inter-relationship of the brain and mind is very close but, when all is said and done, I am forced to believe the mind has a means of controlling the brain.”

London Real talks to Biologist & Writer Dr. Rupert Sheldrake 

The Catholic Mass

Beauty and music are seen to work as a team of God's powers to make His children feel great.
This becomes an element.... We can prove using Scientific methods.
I'm thinking and praying for Len, ... and his partner Victor, the Keeper of  Len's famous Bar, on
Fisherman's San Francisco, California.
Len just passed on ...
God Bless Him... please.
He died in a very cruel way... holding on to his precious little dog, his closest friend, and begging to come home to Heaven

I am a Protestant and find The Catholic Mass
Beautiful and very Comfortable.
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"Dear young people, the happiness you are seeking, the happiness you have a right to enjoy has a name and a face: it is Jesus of Nazareth, hidden in the Eucharist. Only he gives the fullness of life to humanity!" - Pope Benedict XVI

"Hear Mass daily; it will prosper the whole day. All your duties will be performed the better for it, and your soul will be stronger to bear its daily cross. The Mass is the most holy act of religion; you can do nothing that can give greater glory to God or be more profitable for your soul than to hear Mass both frequently and devoutly. It is the favorite devotion of the saints." - St. Peter Julian Eymard

"Everyday, Jesus humbles himself just as He did when He came from His heavenly throne into the Virgin's womb; everyday He comes to us and lets us see Him in abjection, when He descends from the bosom of the Father into the hands of the priest at the altar." - St. Francis of Assisi

"The Blessed Eucharist is the perfect Sacrament of the Lord's Passion, since It contains Christ Himself and his Passion." - St. Thomas Aquinas