Monday, September 30

"Instructions that will hurt" - A Reflection by Don Wesley

Short Circuiting Type Instructions - (Don Wesley 1933 – September 30, 2013)

My truest story - I remember,
at this moment started in 2008.
It is now 2013,
and I’m back at the start again.
I can laugh at myself, cause it's only a symptom!
Of having someone being mean to me.

I learned this horrifying lesson,
the day I came into Ottawa
looking for a safe-haven,
that I needed in a hurry! 
Everyone was so "kind" to say not here,
but go over there. So you go there
and over there, following the trail;
And find yourself, back here, where you started.

You know something is wrong;
If you dare travel the short-circuit again.
Those "kind" people get pissed-off,
by you,
And point to go-off Door.
Maybe now, you can understand why,
I slept all the first winter in my Car.
It was less hurtful, than the door option.
Now I’m even more distressed
and don’t cry any longer
I have made new better decisions.

I, [the holy eye] remember those who did this to me.
Before I leave.... here, in the now, is the “Present”
Remember the sin of giving useless instructions;
Cause, "you" are hurting someone.
Give them what they need;
Like a helping hand to hold on too,
and pull them into warm shelter.
And "Shame on you" for hurting who you did.
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