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Beyond Good and Evil - Michel Foucault

Eyes of Peace and love


Published on May 16, 2013



The Home Automation System I used in my Home in Montreal ~ in 1976

The Home Automation System I used in my Home in Montreal ~ in 1976

I have some of it, with me now

What is God like ? Start with your Family and Think.


What is God like ?

I would like us all to be like Him

I really loved these two Grandparents of my children.
I married their daughter 35 years earlier ! 
Denise their daughter left me to live alone...
Two days before Christmas. 2008.
I felt like I was alone on an isolated-Island with no boats to leave it.  
Six months later she had me evicted from my real Home.
She sold her Parents Home, thinking she was now rich!
They are both "dead" now; and I still love and miss them.
Love makes us feel powerful and trustable! We do deliver more for Everybody...  Also.
I am still living alone in what seems  like the isolated- island.
God I expect, never wanted us to live alone. What can we do?
Make our tiny  isolated-islands... Heavens which live together, with many boats,
Start with your Family..

Think, sleep and think again.
I think this is How God works. He needs Sleep; the Magic-Creator.


About my dog and my god!

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A true story - 2008 - 2009.

Written by Don Wesley November 30, 2011.

“Alone and a victim of elder abuse, I called for help, and was told to find myself a place to live, because I would be forced to leave my own home within a matter of weeks. I did not accept that catastrophic scenario.

It was Christmas Eve of 2008. A gift you don’t want to receive!

I turned to my only mate “Nicky” my dog and stroked him lovingly for the next few minutes; it soothed my troubled mind, and Nicky returned a loving gaze.

It was summer 2009 and Nicky was poisoned and I knew he was dying and had given up struggling to live. I held his paw; his nose touching my leg as we gazed at one another and he succumbed to death. I cried for minutes.

He Nicky, my dog, was looking at his god [Me] and I could not save him from the evil deed of the someone who poisoned him.

Two days later I was given 15 minutes to leave my home; a home that I bought and paid for 50 years earlier.

From life to death for Nicky and for me From home to homelessness.

My God why has thou forsaken me!”
About my dog and my god!

Don [From The Silent Generation - 1930's]

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