Saturday, February 23

Cross the line and you come to the end of time.

As a Child, evil, was made very clear in lessons, a splinter of time ago. The consequence of those lessons is revealed here and below."Many of us chose to become noble defenders of our faith in the moral teachings we learned. We made a reasoned decision and put our trust in that way of thinking.” And then somehow the word defend was deleted.
“To cut away what is revealed as truth is like a sting to a conversation. Why, because it leaves you alone with prejudice.”
Time moved quickly, and some very intelligent minds among us, had us change our kids-education and delete lessons about evil. If they deleted evil as an idea, the idea of God would delete itself, they thought. They made the change slowly, knowing we wouldn't notice. They knew laws weren’t even necessary because the words of evil would fade away. Then we failed to see ‘our rights’ being ignored by our courts. Those who noticed kept their guns !” Now words like ‘revolution’ are now re-appearing.
There is no need to be sorry for the We, in Humanity, who treasure truth, justice and abhor man-made suffering. What we see, is the spreading of evil, resulting in man-made suffering and injustice.
As Defenders, [not
Warriors] we draw the line and keep pushing it forward, into evil thinking.
Cross the line and you come to the end of time. Surrender is the only option and ends all killing. Defending what is good, is not act of aggression. Ignoring the word Defending is the problem.
France had a such a line, but they didn’t fill it with defenders who could be trusted. It didn't stop the evil empire.
Evil thinking keeps us confused, so we fail to see the difference.
What is pitiful is not understanding what is evil truly is. We need get idea of evil back into the lessons for children. At this moment it is not on the menu or venue!
Using the word evil makes the problem easy to see; no confusion!