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Sarah McGee - Ph.D. in Theoretical Quantum Physics - founder of the ministry, Jesus Reigns Eternal.

Hi and welcome into my private Blog and Diary. My name is Don 
Sarah McGee - Ph.D. in Theoretical Quantum Physics -  founder of the ministry, Jesus Reigns Eternal.

Our Teacher here and now

Published on May 19, 2014

Scientists search for the truth by looking at the natural world. The Bible says that the Truth they are looking for is named Jesus. God created nature. So, the truths that science discovers about nature must be consistent with what God said in the Bible. And indeed, science has found many exciting discoveries that correlate very well with the Bible.
Romans 1:20 tells us that "For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse."
We will explore some of the scientific discoveries that reveal God's power and His divine nature from quantum physics as well as other sciences.
Quantum physics studies the boundary zone between the physical realm and the non-physical realm. The Bible frequently refers to the non-physical realm as the spiritual realm.
There are many interesting scientific discoveries that help us begin to understand how the spiritual realm works and that confirm what the Bible says about the spiritual realm.
Sarah McGee received her Ph.D. in Theoretical Quantum Physics from the University of Colorado in 2012. She grew up in a family that was deeply involved with doing homeless ministry and frequently saw the Lord do many miracles.
Her family also had a deep respect and love for theology and science. This gave Sarah a deep appreciation for the Creator and the creation.
She has a great desire to see the areas of theology and science reconciled by the love of the One who made them both.
Sarah is the founder of the ministry, Jesus Reigns Eternal.

Our world is over filled with people Who never learn the 10 Commandments

I started this Blog for Educational reasons - I wanted to get the best Evidence I could acquire over the few years, since I was forced out of my Home, into a state of ~ Homelessness.

It has been 2535 days or 6 years, 11 months, 1 week, 2 days, since my Family hid the Truth from, the Final Court of Law, in Canada. The truth is that they carefully planned this robbery for months, if not years.  

Knowledge it is said.... far back then, was the ultimate Power; far beyond guns and money. I had insufficient cash and had no guns! 

I've been tortured for all these years.

I have a very old friend, I called Vector [?] . We are over eighty years old: I've been teaching him since I was 10 and He was 11.

Just this morning, I found, he still doesn't understand the difference between Speed and Velocity: so  I now name Him ~ "Vector."
Nor does He give a damn about God.
Our world is over-filled with people; who never learn to follow the 10 Commandments.  Just think how frustrated God must feel about His Children who fail to learn.

I also found out today that my Two sons have "characters" that make them perform immoral and evil behaviors. Steven, a doctor of psychiatry has no empathy and hates his patients.    

Michael, who owns a business of moving garbage out of your home to make it "ClutterFree" also moves elder seniors out of their Homes. Both my sons, live in Burlington Ontario: Just a few miles from Hamilton. Does he have no empathy; yes he does, but he is anti-social and doesn't give a damn. He could avoid injuring Dad, but He Loves Money more than his father ~  Don.  

When Michael, moved me [His Dad] from my Home; into a car I had to sleep in, he said, "You are Ok today and you will be Ok tomorrow! I told him, He was stealing my property and belongings,  which I needed to create valuable "know-how" information which I sold for my saving-pension account.  He stole from many other people; and this time I would definitely report him to the police. I intend to arrest Him myself I the very near future.

Denise, my sweetheart-angel and their Mother, would borrow things from me, and then give them away: then she could say she didn't steal them.

Today, I'm inclined to believe I have enough evidence to have them arrested.
With Help, I can do this myself.

I'll be thinking hard and will sleep on this problem for several days; before I act. I must to be prudent.

What they have done to me; since 2008, is at the very least "immoral elder abuse" and this does injure a person and the symptoms are "flash-backs for years and years. The injury is a stressful trauma like PTSD.  I'm including for your information, the following two excellent videos; which are also available on YouTube.
This one is a talk on TV Ontario.
We can overcome the flash-backs [Hell] by talking about this problem; as I'm doing now.

This next talk is about Legal-Abuse-Syndrome a sub-set of PTSD.

Please have your friends and others; understand these complex issues; in our still immature world.

From my Out-basket to Their In-basket ~ I'm going to be Clutter Free

From my Out-basket to Their In-basket ~ I'm going to be Clutter Free

“Dr. Steven John Wesley's Latest Rating ~ He has NO empathy and in fact does not like patients"
We can see his new SUV here above!

This Michael John Wesley's Truck and clutter free work being done.

Now,  I'm  free enough to concentrate on getting

my property back and finally getting justice

From my Out-basket to Your In-basket ~ I'm Clutter Free

Clutter Free, is the Business of,  the son of Denise Wesley.
His name is Michael John Wesley, and lives in Burlington Ontario

To Him, I was Clutter and needed to be removed from my Home In Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec

My Dog "Nicky" and my Granddaughter "Zayne"!
One of Stevens' children. 

“Dr. Steven John Wesley's   ~ Latest Public Rating...
He has NO empathy and in fact does not like patients “

This is Michael John Wesley my other-son.
He said to me "You are all right today and you will be all right tomorrow!"
I told Him He was stealing from Me!

My very first son, Christopher John Wesley, the only one to get married!

Me in grade 4.

My Grandfather "Peter Kerr" in Scotland.

Francyne, Demises' Boss. She encouraged Denise to have me evicted from "MY" own Home.
How they were able to sell it; is called Fraud and Embezzlement


10 Dogmas of Science


British biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, one of the world's most innovative scientists, is the author of more than 80 scientific papers and ten books and is best known for his groundbreaking theory of morphic resonance.

In this program we discuss Rupert's latest book "The Science Delusion." He
begins with an overview of the ten dogmas of science. According to these dogmas, all of reality is material or physical, the world is an inanimate machine, nature is purposeless, free will is an illusion, notions of higher orders of consciousness and absolute "God" awareness exists only as
ideas in human minds, which are themselves nothing but electrochemical processes imprisoned within our skulls. These powerful assumptions, have led science down the wrong path according to Rupert.

He explains how originally the scientific field held a kind of Cartesian dualistic view of spirit and matter, which eventually was replaced solely by matter. The scientific view that matter is "dead" and has no soul or spirit is dangerous, argues Sheldrake. Later, we talk about the Large Hadron Collider, the most expensive scientific project in the history of mankind.
Rupert explains that the results in the search for the "Higgs field" and the so called "God particle" might very well be influenced by the intention of the scientists performing the experiment, also known as the observer's effect.
Lastly, Sheldrake tells us about the biotech bubble and shares his opinion on what alternative fields of science he would like to see funded.

Euphrates Dries Up, Reveals Road To Armageddon - Babylon & Prophecy (ISIS) -


Published on Mar 21, 2015
What is the significance of the Euphrates in end-times prophecy?

Which of these prophecies is ISIS fulfilling right now?

According to Revelation, how is the drying up of the Euphrates related to Armageddon? And what does it mean if the Euphrates river is drying up now?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to Scripture to reveal the road to Armageddon— as well as a little known prophecy in Jeremiah that shows the end is closer than we think.


Three years of lessons in Ten minutes

To understand Zimbardo,
Pull up a chair, sit down and be smart for ten minutes, to learn three years of lessons  
Renowned psychologist Professor Philip Zimbardo explains how our individual perspectives of time affect our work, health and well-being.