Wednesday, November 13

Roth (Victor) and Wesley (Don)

They argued then and still do today
1951 and 2013.
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Don and Vic  -    Circa 1951.

Don, bought and rebuilt the 1949 MG.

Vic bought a newer 1950 MG.
Don and his camera [timer]  took the picture.
Bobby Payne came in later.
Remember, today they are Great Grand Parents

And the Contest was growing
They met as two kids 10 and 11.
They are  80 and 81 today.
November 13, 2013.

November 12 2013 ..... A Day I'll Remember.

Whistleblower, Edward Snowden  -
And  Senior,  Elder, Don Wesley  

Compare these two different vessels
How they think alike at the same time. See Don and his Dad in a 1934 picture,
down below 

Hi Buddy.

What I hoped you would see,
[a few days ago; because I sincerely asked you to],
was the following - “this one interview” where Edward Snowden, reveals how he thinks, and the Principles of Moral Logic that guide him.
I don’t want to discuss at the moment, anything more than this comparison, about my demeanour and seriousness and Edward Snowden’s demeanor and seriousness.
This is how I'm framing this story right now. We can go further into another frame, if you wish to, sometime later.

His demeanour and seriousness, is much how mine has been, since I met you, at 10 years of age. You were 11. We are now 80 and 81. Even in High School, my demeanour was the same; serious and kind.
It is the demeanour, that my wife and children saw, and the demeanour I displayed last night at Alexandria Masonic Lodge, to 10 very serious men.

My message - "There is Corruption in the Court Systems and it is hurting too many good men" resulting in"Man-made suffering" It needs our urgent attention.

I was demanding their attention and apologised.
I didn’t soften my words however, which had to be heard by them. Their attention was held and the message delivered. 

Like other good men, what I explain, to everyone, and always have, is from the depths of my heart, and what I truly see, and they can't even know exists; until revealed by someone, at opportune moment.  I never use un-healthy anger. I'm just very happy to have them listen. It is not because I’m smarter, but just because my mind is obsessively pulling me in; to see what my imagination reveals. This mind, not in the Brain, is also the collective mind; as Carl Jung researched year ago.

[An aside] Obsessive thinking is a gift from our Creator, it seems.
My Son, Steven revealed this to me when he was 13.
The lady shrink we visited, said "you need obsessive thinking to learn. Steven is now a Psychiatrist.   

"Each of us sees only part of what is possible" and what needs to be done and we can't wait for someone's approval to respond. So, as good individual men, we are obliged to hear messages and cry's for help. Together we hear the whole message [in parts] from each other. Then as Craftsmen and Engineers using the Social Sciences as well, we get what is important and urgent, done.  

What moves most men more, is the Propaganda created and published by the richer people, who control everything.
Only they have the power to approve. The collective "We."

This is the Bovine Matter they grind out, daily and we pay for.

It is the individual men (The holy "I's") who get together for the job defined, as needed. (Putting out a fire for example)

Some mistakenly say, that I am a controlling Narcissist. Some have tested me, and find that no narcissist is present in me.

I thank you Buddy.

The following is a young man, is an image of  [likeness]to me; like when I was in the Signal Corps. 1952. -

“whistleblower Edward Snowden: 'I don't want to live in a society..... ”