Sunday, September 7

But we can’t give it to ourselves.

My Friend...
You follow me enough to know.... that I find living the way we do right now, hurtful.
I need my family and friends of long ago and now to trust me today.
For me, the “Soul” is that “part” of God, where we find our “Soil” to live in and re-create more of ourselves. I can give it to you and you to me.
But we can’t give it to ourselves
Not realizing that we need to use that “part” of God, 100% of our time, does continue to rob each other... moment by moment of what we need to survive.
His “Soil” is the ultimate energy we must use to live: without it we hurt more... incident by incident. He is always there and “on”: just “turn” to him and use him all the time.
Friend, I have a new young friend [only 51] whose name is Dennis and he nudges me to remind me of this truth. You nudge me also, but you may have turned your back to God, who is in You.
Look at me now and see God in me and don’t ask questions:  it works.