Thursday, March 28

People like Jodi Arias and Denise are “Angels.”

People like Jodi Arias and Denise Wesley are “Angels.”
And there is new astounding proof to be aware of.
Using old technology in his lab,
David LaPoint, shakes “the currently accepted theories of physics and astrophysics to the core by a radical new theory of the fundamental forces in all matter.”
One could say, he “guessed” he had found a better answer.
Fundamental assumptions of Science are proven wrong.
He followed his intuition to leap out of canon-like-logic and
used new technology to prove his hypothesis.
We are really close to solving the energy problem.
The Primer Fields of new Physics!

Medical models don’t describe what goes on the whole mind of these true Angels.
Now we need to hear the good news for Jodi. She is an Angel.
Sadly  the Jury won’t get the news without an uproar from society outside the court
And the great news for Denise, Don and their family.

Thursday, March 7

I have been watching the trial of “Jodi Arias,” I have been watching the trial of “Jodi Arias,”

March 07, 2013

Hi Vic, old Pal.                       
I have been watching the trial of “Jodi Arias,” on line; live from the Court House in Arizona.
I believe she was in fear of being killed by her lover.
She killed him, like-a-child-of-rage, as a defence. It is a mental state where one becomes another repressed and hidden person.

In my case I was fearful of the lies that Denise and Francyne were using to create an untrue
story that got me evicted from my home.
The motive with Denise was sex with another and money and revenge.
As you know my analyst Dr. Lundel, told me “Denise will kill you.”
At her mothers funeral I was told by her nephew, Sylvain, the family secret. Denise had been abused by her father, when she was a child.

As you know, I do believe in God and Jesus Christ. I feel very very close to God and those who have left us. 
Just for those who may read this email in the future “You Vic don’t believe in God”
We do differ in this regard. That has been acceptable to both of us during the 70 years we have known one another. My Blog is filled with testimony revealing how good you have been to me. We are all born good.

I sometimes feel like my time is up, but God tells me to stay alive, to add more to my story, as it may help others in the future.
“Ted” and my “Blog” are the two places, where I will add what new thoughts I may create and share.

Vic, I am sending a copy of this email to Erhard, who as you know is a new local friend of mine.
He lives a half-hour away from me. We are all 80.
My love to all of you.