Wednesday, October 2

A get well card from the Gaspe, to my Sister Eleanor, for her son Peter-Mark

Some take it very seriously; enough to leave each other after 51 years of knowing each other.
Others, smile and say we were a bit slow learning who we really are.
In the end we are still the one; 
who married each other,

To play this like a game is very costly, if you  take it to the court house and be driven crazy. 
This post leads to the fun-side of Borderline Symptoms

It is a set of symptoms and not real; when we learn to understand.
You can't go there; without knowing the language; this wisdom.

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Eleanor revealed, the Denise.
That's what my long time friend, Victor Roth, in San Francisco, California, told me over the phone last night. I'm in Ontario, Canada, my sister, Elly in Boston and Denise Wesley,  in the town of Gaspe, in Quebec, not far from the French Island near Canada.
Here, Denise, aka, Viddoui, a Virgo and not the Pisces she is.

Wow, all this news in a few seconds over the wireless electric air waves.
Back in 1943 when I was ten, it would have taken months for this gossip to spread.  

Things are very different now. But a few, like me as a kid, good see ahead and know really it had already arrived and was no big surprise.
The few, like me are now seen to be millions all over the planet,

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