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What is Spiritual Psychology

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Published on Jun 19, 2013
What if instead of humans having Spiritual experiences, we are Souls having human experiences? Watch as Dr. Ron Hulnick shares about the Principles and Practices Spiritual Psychology and how living from this new paradigm can transform your inner and outer experience in everyday life.

People of the Lie: Hope for Healing Human Evil

3 Lessons in Videos ~ See Below

This is my Personal Story

My 77 years of carrying the burden of 1 Wife, and my 3 Boys.

It is about Liars

Both my Wives Lied !
And so did my 3 sons.

Because of these 3 charming kids......
I didn't sell this Home - They robbed me.
They sold this Home and hid the money: I have yet to receive a Hug.
They too have hidden themselves.
They had me evicted, by telling Court that I never paid any Rent
From 1969 until 2009!
In July 2009; 1 Bailiff with 3 police escorts forced me leave in  fifteen minutes.

This Home was where I studied, created and wrote "Know-How" Books.
I never gave them the "Know-How's" to lie and steal.

Their lying is in their Mothers' Genes ?

The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive

The Manic Depressive

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen on depression and relationships

Priscilla Shirer 2016 - Heads, Hearts, Hands

Priscilla Shirer

Transcend Emotions

Transcend Emotions  

Akiane, a beautiful Child who loves The Kingdom of God

My Grandchild and my Dog "Nicky"


The Kingdom of Heaven Or The Kingdom of The World

Many of us are Disciples !
You are one and I am one !

Don and Nick

The kingdom of God looks and acts like Jesus Christ, like Calvary, like God’s eternal, triune love.

It consists of people graciously embracing others and sacrificing themselves in service to others.
It consists of people trusting and employing “power under” rather than “power over,” even when they, like Jesus, suffer because of this.
It consists of people imitating the Savior who died for them and for all people.
It consists of people submitting to God’s rule and doing his will. By definition, this is the domain in which is God is king.

Jesus’ kingdom is “not of this world,” for it contrasts with the kingdom of the world in every possible way.

This is not a simple contrast between good and evil.

The contrast is rather between two fundamentally different ways of doing life, two fundamentally different mindsets and belief systems, two fundamentally different loyalties. Here are five ways that it is different:

A contrast of trusts: The kingdom of the world trusts the power of the sword, while the kingdom of God trusts the power of the cross.
The kingdom of the world advances by exercising “power over,” while the kingdom of God advances by exercising “power under.”

A contrast of aims: The kingdom of the world seeks to control behavior, while the kingdom of God seeks to transform lives from the inside out. Also, the kingdom of the world is rooted in preserving, if not advancing, one’s self-interests and one’s own will, while the kingdom of God is centered exclusively on carrying out God’s will, even if this requires sacrificing one’s own interests.

A contrast of scopes: The kingdom of the world is intrinsically tribal in nature, and is heavily invested in defending, if not advancing, one’s own people-group, one’s nation, one’s ethnicity, one’s state, one’s religion, one’s ideologies, or one’s political agendas. That is why it is a kingdom characterized by perpetual conflict. The kingdom of God, however, is intrinsically universal, for it is centered on simply loving as God loves. It is centered on people living for the sole purpose of replicating the love of Jesus Christ to all people at all times in all places without condition.

A contrast of responses: The kingdom of the world is intrinsically a tit-for-tat kingdom; its motto is “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” In this fallen world, no version of the kingdom of the world can survive for long by loving its enemies and blessing those who persecute it; it carries the sword, not the cross. But kingdom-of-God participants carry the cross, not the sword. We, thus, aren’t ever to return evil with evil, violence with violence. We are rather to manifest the unique kingdom of Christ by returning evil with good, turning the other cheek, going the second mile, loving, praying for our enemies. Far from seeking retaliation, we seek the well-being of our “enemy.”

A contrast of battles: The kingdom of the world has earthly enemies and, thus, fights earthly battles; the kingdom of God, however, by definition has no earthly enemies, for its disciples are committed to loving “their enemies,” thereby treating them as friends, their “neighbors.” There is a warfare the kingdom of God is involved in, but it is “not against enemies of blood and flesh.” It is rather “against rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places” (Eph 6:12).

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Playing For Change ~ Song Around The World

Words of Wonder - Get Up Stand Up 

What Is The Kingdom of God and How Do I Get In It?

A Message From God's Word.

Published on Nov 9, 2012
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There Is A New World Order Coming But Not What You Think. The Kingdom of God!

A Christian Child, Bullied: He grows up to become Murderer

He becomes a Murderer

The Mystery of the World Beyond 444

Published on Aug 4, 2015

"What is beyond this world that’s better than our world? Everything that we can imagine and can’t imagine.

Once we experience it, we know. No one else can really tell us. But we have to be persistent in that, and we have to be truly sincere; otherwise, no one else can do it for us. In the same way, no one else can replace you to work at the UN office, and then you get paid for it.

It’s the same as no one else can help us eat and then we get satisfied.

Beyond our world, there are many different worlds. We can just give an example like the one a little bit higher than we are, which we call the Astral World in Western terminology.

In the Astral World, they even have hundred or more different levels. And each level is a world in itself, and it represents our level of understanding. It’s just like when we enter a university, each grade as we go through the university represents our increased understanding of the university’s teaching, and then slowly we move to graduation.

In the Astral World, we can see many kinds of so-called miracles and we can probably also be tempted by miracles and probably work miracles as well. We’ll be able to heal the sick and sometimes see things that other people can’t see. We’ll have at least six kinds of miracle power. We can see beyond the ordinary boundaries. We can hear beyond the limits of space. Distance doesn’t make any difference to us…

We all heard that in different kinds of religious Bibles or Scriptures, it is mentioned that there are seven heavens, there are different levels of consciousness. There is the Kingdom of God within, there is Buddha Nature, etc. These are some things that are promised beyond this world.

So, what lies in the Kingdom of God? Why should we bother about the Kingdom of God if we already have enough work to do in the world and we have a job, we have secure houses, and we have enough loving relationships, etc.? Precisely, because we already have all these, we should be concerned about the Kingdom of God.

It's actually just some level of higher consciousness. In scientific terms, we can say, it is a different - a higher level of knowledge, a higher level of wisdom. And this we can have access to, should we know how.

I guess it is just like the law of physics. You want to send some rocket into, beyond the gravity, you have to have a lot of pushing power behind that, and also when it flies very fast it also emanates some light. So I guess when we go fast into the beyond, we can radiate some Light also, and also we can hear the Sound. The Sound is the kind of Vibrational Power that pushes us into the higher levels. Now, there is a facility within us which is faster than any UFO can comply.

That is our own soul. We call it spirit sometimes. Never goes out of order, except when we want to damage it by violating the universal precepts, violating the harmony of heaven and Earth, which is very simple to avoid.

Now, if we go a little bit beyond this level to the Second Level, what we call Second, just for the sake of simplifying matters. The Second Level - then we will probably have a lot more abilities than the first one, and including the miracles. But the most striking achievement we can have at the Second Level is that, the eloquence, and the ability to debate. And no one seems to be able to conquer a person who has achieved the Second Level because he has tremendous power of eloquence, and his intellect is at the peak of his power. In India, people call this level Buddhi means intellectual level. And when you achieve Buddhi, you become a Buddha.

It's not yet the end of the Kingdom of God, there are the Third, the Forth, the Fifth Levels: And beyond that, there are many aspects of God, which are difficult to understand.

Once we experience it, then we know.

We may have experiences one time, for a couple of times or some days due to the power of that a Master who experienced God.

Then we might see some Light or hear some Sound, very naturally without our effort, but in most cases, it doesn't last very long. So, we have to be persistent in that, and we have to truly be sincere."