Wednesday, November 2

Election 2016 - Trump

Bill Maher - Comedian

Comedian, speaks on Donald Trump

Donald Trump - Disgusting Candidate Ever  

1951 Don Wesley

"He is The Most Vile and Disgusting Candidate Ever"   (Michael Moore)


Donald Trump


Talks at Google - Social Intelligence


Social Intelligence

Depth Psychology - Personality Lecture 09

University of Toronto - PSY 230

An Introduction to Depth Psychology

What is depth psychology?

Published on Jun 9, 2015
Is depth psychology a science, a mystical pursuit, a way to apply psychological theories and practices toward optimal human wellness and potential? What is the goal of depth psychology? How do YOU describe it to others?
This video from James Newell, Ph.D., depth educator/vocal artist/songwriter, and board member of Depth Psychology Alliance, traces the origins of depth psychology and examines some of its core tenets, leaving us with an open door to wonder about the future of depth psychology, its relevance for individuals and for our culture, and what might be the spiritual and practical implications of its trajectory.

How the Celts Saved Britain -

A New Civilisation

You Belong To My Heart


(Jane Morgan) (1959)