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Septic shock Meaning

Septic shock


June 4, 2017 - What's your reaction to the London attacks

The London attacks

America's First Great Awakening

First Great Awakening


The Catholic Church I was married in  ~ April 11, 1964

The Catholic Church I was married in

I have wonderful memories

I was married in this Church - April 11, 1964 to Denise Prevost.
She became Denise Wesley and spoke English very well after a few weeks with me in Montreal: I am Protestant.  We have two boys; Steven and Michael.

Jews weren't welcomed in Sainte Agathe, in the 1940s

My Brother in Law - Peter  Canepari was there.
Serge Holoduke -  The most clever employee I had.
My Sister - Eleanor Canepari was there with our Mother Helen Wesley. Mom and I danced at the luncheon, celebrating our marriage.

I think Peter and Claudia were there.
My number 1 son; Christopher was there.

Cartographers of the Brain

The World Science Festival

World Science Festival

Festival’s Education Programs The World Science provide an opportunity for students and adults to substantially deepen their explorations into a broad range of scientific disciplines. From live events held across New York City to free online master classes available anywhere in the world, the World Science Festival’s year-round offerings will allow your scientific curiosity to take flight.

Festival’s Education Programs The World Science