Wednesday, June 22

The Chesterfield Saga - The Look of Kindness

 Dear Vic
This week, while my PT Cruiser is being repaired, Dave let me use his precious big old diesel truck and I put some gasoline in it by mistake. I became aware of my mistake within minutes, preventing the engine from blowing up. I contacted Dave and he told me to stop driving it immediately to prevent total damage.
I have had my own auto since the age of 14. I know the difference; why did I make this mistake? He knows that I knew it was a diesel truck. What is going on in my head. Am I just too overwhelmed by the thought of “Home to Homelessness?” I have driven vehicles for nearly 600 months without an accident. I thank the Lord above for loving me; but feel like I am unworthy of any sympathy. But help did come to me!

Moments ago Dave called me to say he drained the tank and refuelled. The fuel filter and other parts had to be changed as well. This cost him his precious unpaid time and a cash outlay.

He sternly told me not to cost him any more time and money. Then he said he was leaving me the keys again so I could pick it up again tomorrow morning and use it until I got my car back again. This truck is very important to Dave and his work away from work. He loves this truck; it has over 400,000 miles on it. He depends on this precious and expensive-to-replace truck to do work on the ranch.
You can’t imagine how stupid I feel and how many times I apologized. He confessed he has done the same error as me.

He forgave me with the rhythm of grace.

Dave is a great man and mason with a heart much bigger than his wallet.He really gets things done, for many souls in need. I love him for who he is. He really is someone very very special and very rare.
Wow, I have two very great and rare friends and I am becoming more aware of others who exist, and you are one of them Vic. Both of you are very aware and very caring about life around you.

This “Chesterville Saga” is really giving me some very rich lessons in life.
Recognizing kindness, in action, in this life makes me cry with joy (literally).
“Kindness” is so very precious; it feeds remarkable civility.
Individuals who give innately are rare.
Giving is more precious than receiving we have all been told.
Seeing it action is rare until we learn where it exists.
We cannot see what we don’t know exists.
We must learn to see it and celebrate it.
Cruelty is the opposite of kindness and injustice is the result.
We must also learn to see where injustice exists.
Seeing kindness and cruelty are essential to an economical and contented community life