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What Makes a Good Life

What Makes a Good Life ~ Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness
Robert Waldinger | TED Talks

He didn't mention a spiritual relationship 

Published on Jan 25, 2016
What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think it's fame and money, you're not alone – but, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you're mistaken. As the director of 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger has unprecedented access to data on true happiness and satisfaction.

Don Wesley (1933) reveals that Ted disallows any topic that speaks about God. 

I'll be 83 in April and I know too many who passed through the doors of MIT, McGill and Harvard, in my age group, who are temporarily cruel. My relationship with the Creator (The Mystery Mind)  has given me peace of Mind. I learned from literature, while High School in Canada, what the Bible Stories revealed about God.

I choose wisely to Love God, our Father.

Love Him first, before any other spiritual Mind: departed or awaiting entrance to the Heavens here on Earth. We have to continue defeating the devils who use lies.

Psychiatrist Robert , like my Psychiatrist Son, Steven John Wesley, use stories and pills only to manage temporary unhappiness, which Shrinks call mental disorders in the DSM catalog number 4.
Waldinger mentioned Schizophrenia and forgot about the other TED Talker  ~  Elyn Saks

My son was a Champion Body Builder, who left behind that useless training, when he was 18. He also left me behind. I thank God, who will return my own Son, to me His Father, before he can enter the many doors of Gods Heavens here on Earth.  When human relationships split here on Earth, God lets us know He is with us here on Earth! He lives in his many mansions (humans) Start talking to Him: He will answer if you follow His Commands

Our Brain indicates when we need to Urinate!

Our Brain indicates when we need to Pee.

We trust our Mind to make the Right Decision about where and when. The consequences are most important.
Our wrong decisions can become bad habits and lead us to a miserable life for years.

Our City Managers keep the Sanitary sewers flushing and don't depend on Rain-water.

It tales many minds to manage the How and When[s] of our social lives. What we do privately depends!

Our Brains need a Mind to decide our Private and our Social activities.

I personally don't appreciate seeing excrement[s] next to my Bed.

On a different level of thinking my brain indicates when someone near me is sad.
My Mind has a decision to make: Help or walk away.
It seems that Our individual Minds; control what we do.
Will your Mind agree with Mine?

Let us help each other have a "Merry" Day.
How can we accomplish that way of thinking for everyone.
Habits are difficult to overcome. Some become arguments and some become Wars. We need to choose the good habits and recognized the nasty ones: And learn to Compromise.

My Mind makes all my decisions: even the not too  merry ones.

Other minds didn't help me. Now I feel lonely.
Far too many of us feel lonely and loneliness can be very unpleasant and last far too long. Friends can be found if you live out in the open where all see you. 80 percent are kind.

Music can help us overcome bad habits; if we know the How and Where of how to find it.

Collect music that helps us to overcome the nasty times in our lives: day by day, and season by season.

Here is one I like when our nights are the longest.

Mary and Merry

Our Creator continues to give us the music we need to have a Merry day.

If we are stuck in a depression too long....

Our Minds Control our Brains:
and our Minds are part of the One Universal Mind.

We are never ever Alone!

And He and his two Sons are living in us right now. 

They had me write the words above and recycle the music just available in the YouTube Lending library.
I listen to the honest mind
And keep refusing the one who lies..
A lie is evil and not the best way to live!

I accept that these honest Mind Thoughts bring us a

State of real Happiness.
Keep coming back for more of these helping Mind thoughts.
I'll be 83 in April and I hope you feel that I'm trust worthy.

There billions of Minds to help us, all spiritual: They need brains to live with!

Until Soon, with love and remember I'm just a Father.
Don Wesley [1933]



(Relaxing music)

This a favorite, that brings my heart out,
and into the soothing Light Energy
available to Everyone, when they learn to see
God and what He can Create.
 The Sound Of Silence

The Irish Origins of Civilization - Michael Tsarion

Don 1933 

The Irish Origins of Civilization

Published on Aug 15, 2014

The Lords Prayer

The Lords Prayer
Thy will be done..... on earth... as it is in heaven

If you want to display a tempting smile; be sure you feel really safe and comfortable. Just believe in Him! 

It is impossible to imitate a State of Love Smile.

He finds it OK: to Obey the Lords Commands


She smiled at Don!
Denise Wesley  ~ Our Catholic Minister

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ~ Entertained and Educated Me Today

The Canadian  Broadcasting  Corporation ~ Known as the CBC.

Don Wesley 1933

10:46 PM 2/02/16
If My words do not explain to you, what I want them to communicate to you, or you did not understand, my style of English, then... ?
I'll try another parable to hide Gods secrets.
"Don Wesley - A hopeful disciple of Jesus of Nazareth."

I heard a podcast about Harry Potter Fans - Entertainment [last night]

Another  podcast about Damascus, Syria and War - Education [last night]

All on CBC Radio 1 ~ FM

I was alarmed by ...

What I also find very useful is the following "One Truth"

Alarmed and Warned