Sunday, October 6

What isn’t different about Canada and Egypt, is that the processes of Corruption are the same. November 6, 2013.

Sunday, October-06-13
To: Victor Roth - California
To: Erhard – Ontario, Canada

Old and wise men, I bring you some relevant news about conversation we have had. The CBC Morning News - November 6, 2013, reported as hearing -

“We deserve due process, not cockroaches on concrete floors.”  The two men were reported as saying this in Egypt a few weeks ago. The two men are Canadians; out of jail, but still in Egypt.

Some facts and comments I feel inclined to share.
I, had a similar complaint in Ottawa, the Capital of Canada, in 2009. I just received a notice, that a Judgement, has been reached. The notice arrived from the Federal Government September 24, 2013. I have yet to be seen, by the Judge who wrote the Judgement.
[On the separate issue] Our two countries; each are different! What isn’t different about Canada and Egypt is that the processes of Corruption are the same.
I have several theory-bins that enable me to explain what has happened. I have been observing, researching and thinking about this corruption problem for years. Without a theory-bin, I don’t expect you rush to explain with ideas that come into your mind in a second. Consider for a few moments then comment if you feel inclined.

I also had a conversation with someone this morning. He said - Be patient Don, and when the time comes I will take you quickly, and have no fear of dying. Ivan, another old-timer, said “Don stay alive and keep the pressure on them who survive by sucking your wealth from you.”
I, living in Canada, a few short-miles from Ottawa, know some anger lingers in me. I was a young military officer at age of nineteen. I felt Canada was an almost perfect country; yes, good, but not yet good enough. Canada, the more Compassionate Country; wonder a moment, what parts are compassionate and where are the other parts heading?
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