Monday, August 27

I am thinking aloud! OK at least I am thinking.

I am thinking aloud!
OK at least I am thinking, perhaps like a “child.”
We all have good and quick minds and I see that everywhere.
I ask myself why can we not see, that our human problem is a fight between good and evil thinking, and not between good and evil people.
The message to be learned, is right here in this question.
If we could control the thinking, we would have robots; but we are not robots.
I say to myself; I think therefore I am free.
If we are going to eliminate injustice we must teach one another to think right and not wrong.
If we demean[scold] one another, we can’t hear one another.
Just maybe, if we are consistently nice to one another, we could show one another the right way to having a better life.
I have done both right and wrong things; and I don’t know anybody who is perfect.
So I reason to myself, if the world has a “wrong thinking problem.” We must have pretty bad teachers; maybe little devils.

I was just talking to myself, does it make any sense to you, old friends.
Love to you and your loved ones; who seem to do more right than wrong thinking.
Don Wesley [From The Silent Generation - the 30's]
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