Wednesday, October 8

Mystery 2 by Don Wesley October 8, 2014.

Mystery 2; I'm repeating what I wrote 3 years ago and including the lesson about the Science religion by Doctor Sheldrake.
Don Wesley.

‘Man and his Family’ by Wilder Penfield, President
of the Vanier Institute of the Family.
Vanier being the former Governor General in the 1960’s. 
Doctor Penfield was a Brain Surgeon.
I quote from several of his thoughts:
1.. “The inter-relationship of the brain and mind is very close
but, when all is said and done, I am forced to
believe the mind has a means of controlling the brain.”
2.. “In conclusion, the family is the citadel of society. Let me repeat:
There has never been – and I believe
there never will be – a durable society base on
any other system other than the union of man, woman and child, and on the fidelity to that unit.”

3.. “But one thing I know – the place to correct the causes of evil
 is in the home, not in the courts of law, not in the prisons.”  

4.. “There is a crisis in the family. It is time for men and
women to take action.
We can control our civilization.”

All the above thoughts, are central to this, the


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