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The Neurological Basis of Behavior, the Mind, the Brain

Uploaded on Mar 8, 2011 
"At the Garrison Institute's 2011 Climate, Mind and Behavior Symposium, Dr. Dan Siegel of the Mindsight Institute discusses the neurological basis of behavior, the mind, the brain and human relationships. He explains one definition of the mind as "an embodied and relational emergent process that regulates the flow of energy and information," and describes the role of awareness and attention in monitoring and modifying the mind. Dr. Siegel puts forth a method of expanding the sense of identity so as to include
other people, species and the planet and proposes the concept of "we maps." He recommends using the notion of health as a means of linking individual, community and planetary wellbeing. To learn more about the Garrison Institute's Climate, Mind & Behavior Initiative..."

Mental Illness in the Family

How should the Family Help: those who are mentally ill ?

A)  My three sons [one is a psychiatrist] are either Psychotic or Psychopaths.
B)  My ex-wife is schizophrenic and has Multiple Personalities.  
C)  One has several children of his own. [The  Psychiatrist has the children]
D)  I was somewhat Overwhelmed for a while.

My name is Don Wesley; welcome to my Inn of stories about Dysfunctional Families.

E)  I'm the only one left to help myself.
F)  On Christmas Eve ~ 2008, my wonderful wife Denise, left our Home. We had been married since 1964.
G)  By July 31 of 2009; they my children  [and my wife] had me evicted from my own Home that I bought and paid for in 1969.

Please watch to following talk about Mental Illness in the Family

G)  Now I just want Justice; wisely Balanced .