Friday, June 19

Help Me Please - "It's not my Job" - Yes it is our Job to help victims in urgent need right now.

Shake us awake and ready to work... I'm shouting to us all.
All is not well in our village

Rambling Thoughts intrude; to keep me busy.
Put your bibles aside. You don't need them now.
Others need help; real immediate help: Between their jobs and

From my point of view; good, was never good enough, even your best could be better.

It wasn't tough, it was always a fire to be put out, and ten going  back to sleep with a bunch if strangers who needed help. Sometimes we had 4 in a double bed.

Patterns of Habits keep repeating, you just need help seeing them and then prepare for the victims to arrive. - "Victim Help needed: call the specialist, Don and his group of helping hands he is able to find.
Don at 82 has finally found others who are helping him now. Forget the assessment chains: get common sense help now

My Dad and me.
He just watched and was amazed by his child of 1 year.
I was his fifth Boy. He knew boys

My Mom in Black
was the Chief of operations

Helping some one In Trouble was my mother's source of Joy.
I never was taught what to do or watch.
I silently did what obviously was needed.
Mom had the extra helper she needed.... a Son: A new quick learner they named Donald John Wesley.

Now my children and grandchild have a chance to see where I come from.
Little Don A tough kid who got very angry with adult idiots

See Don's fist is ready and his hand signaling stop.

Help has finally arrived.

My Lighting  Products

Every day was new and I learned many good habits. I was always silent and thinking - life is amazing to watch.
Montreal was a seaport harbor land, where sailors stopped in for a night or two of rest and joy.
Some called me fast and smart. And friends just watched and saw how kind we were. They just watched me run.

One old friend who now lives in Tiburon,
California; still, just watches my every move.
Why, maybe because I move a lot.

Finding some one who needed to sleep with us was the only problem we ever had.
A Christen type sleep. And they always seemed to get all they needed
Those who did sleep with us knew we worked for God
They could stay with us, until My Mom found them a job. For some she got a car to drive others where they needed to go.

Our Home wasn't called Lazarus; but was.....   Helen Wesley's Apartment at 1817 St. Luke Street, between St Mark and Saint Matthew, across from Queen Victoria School on the Island Mountain on the Big Saint Lawrence River.

The Island with the huge Cross on top, which came alive with Light every night. This island was a Native Indian Island. It was a Island of Sin and Confession with a church on every block
John Wesley was the founding creator of the Wesley Church.

Me, 5 months ago 2015. Homeless.

I never knew who I would be sleeping me at night, any language and any religion.
At times I awoke in the morning and someone I did not  recognize was in bed with me or a bunch of us.

We were the most kind and most active people around; so busy, we  forgot our status a victims.
If you think this was a whore house.... you are truly wrong: it was a place where hope was renewed and victims got immediate help and directions to justice.

The other east side of the Montreal Island is where the workers lived and night houses of sin, existed, You would rent a guest bed for an hour or two:
There were Churches next door.

The prime examples of not seeing and never helping, when fires need to be put out.

If you're  not a great helper,
you are one of the above.
Each with 4 hands doing nothing for others.

It is Complicated and Expenisive, but it's Worth It.

It is Complicated and Expensive, but it's Worth It.
They said this in 1987, in the PC Magazine.
When added up, what I spent, it was 42,000 bucks and 47 cents. The payback however was a fast two years.
Had I not bought all I needed to print my new catalogue; my printers bill would have about 120,000 bucks.

The Desktop Publishing  Computer system just sat there watching me learn, how do what I'm doing now in 2015.
My blog, keeps me writing for others to see and read. No one pays a dime or give me thank card. Why do I do these insane things, for zero dollar's?
400,000 will have viewed [in a few more hours] and copied what they needed and never even said hello nor "it was a good - buy." If I had waited for another ten years the cost of desktop publishing hardware could purchased for $2000.00.  The ink today is more expensive ?
Why do I live like this. Wasting my time.
Without eye contact, my happiness lasts a minute or two. I no longer print anything; all goes into my Google Blog. They now make money selling what we do for nothing,

As they the soldiers sang when going over to fight in WW2  "my devotion has gone for a shit in the ocean"

I work for God to earn my place in Heaven: and I'm very kind and very serious man.

Please listen to what I've learned about God, just watching what and how he created me from nothing. He created you in almost the very sane way.
From nothing to a 82 year old man, with the very same neuron cells I had 82 years and 9 and one half months ago. God gave a me a mind that seemed 'slow'  and all called it a Dyslexia brain. We, the world of science, have just found and learned that Dyslexia
is a true gift from God. A mind like Einstein!
It took us, nearly a century to learn, "we" the whole world are very slow learners, except the 10% who are mostly are boys with a
Dyslexic brains. We see more using our two half brains; we do take a bit more time, deciding which evidence to study, before not using it anymore. Our life long cells go dormant, but never die. Then we follow one more of what we do see, that others never see.
We bring forward new theories of relativity about God. Bit and byte we learn more about ourselves and God.

America needs more God.... now.

Here is what creativity needs  to solve these old problems from the past that still exist... far too long a life in someone mind - The Devil it seems... to me, to tiny me, and big Justin.

 Join us very soon, to learn more about God and you.

Making what is good, even better for humanity.
The INN of JUSTICE is a collection of my own personal reflections-essays, and conversations about life; which, hopefully contributes to the knowledge of good successful Families.
I need to know why my family broke apart.
What holds families together?

I'll do most anything to deliver the message to North America. WE need more of God, now.