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The unconscionable judgements override basic rights.

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"MONTREAL - The Barreau du Québec is grappling with such a serious backlog in processing complaints and disciplinary procedures against its lawyer members that it doesn’t appear to have a firm grip on the average length of time it takes to resolve a disciplinary matter – which can often prove a years-long odyssey."


My Reply Essay  March 31, 2011:

1.      In June 2009, from the comfort (relatively speaking)  of being in my own home because a Court Judgement told me to stay and Denise to stay out (and take her clothes only) I was suddenly evicted from my own home, offices, studio and tool shop (including storage sheds.) A home I bought and paid for in 1969. A home where we raised three boys. I was given 15 minutes to get out.
2.      A Court Order arranged by Mr. Izzonie and Denise's lawyer, gave the Bailiff the legal right to evict me. I was shocked with this experience; this was my property.
3.      Within minutes of being evicted, my wife and my son together with Francyne occupied my property and began a planned operation of emptying my belongings onto the front lawn, where any passerby could pick and choose what they wanted to take. I have pictures to support this fact. This happened on July 31, 2009. Nicky my dog was dead in the garage; poisoned a day earlier. Three days earlier I received an email death threat.
4.      I was now homeless and forced to live in my car, and to stay 100 meters away from my home, with only the clothes on my back.
5.      My lawyer Mr. Izzonie, did not answer any of my attempts to communicate with him, for more than a week. I was frustrated.
6.      Within a few hours I found a lawyer who gave me 10 minutes of his time to say I must do two things immediately to protect myself. They follow.
7.      Go immediately to the “The Barreau du Québec” and file a complaint against lawyer Mr. Izzonie. I did that the very next morning. (See my filed post.)
8.      Get a top Civil Rights lawyer for $10,000.00 to get you back into your home within 24 hours; I could not do this because I had no money available. I did have a $90,000.00 line Credit at an interest rate of $1.00 per day per $10,000 which was in my wifes name.
9.      I did not have enough money to live on the street, let alone to return to the Court for further appearances. I was in a virtual jail; my car. I begged for help.
10.    I fled to Ontario to avoid unlawful arrests.
11.    Lawyer Mr. Iezzoni, took over my case from here on, without my consent or approval.
12.    I learned, months later that the eviction was “a manufactured one” which required many changes to court records. Records I digitally photographed over the next few months, as evidence of the tampering.
13.    The consequence of all the above now gave the two lawyers the ability to tell a story (in my absence) that allowed Court Judges to sell my home and all my “Wealth.” The monies are in someone's pockets at this time. I collect no income whatsoever from this account; who does?
My lawyer has told me that there is nothing left for me and his lady associate has told me over the phone that this is the way all cases end. Mr. Iezzoni spoke to me once over the phone from Montreal while I was in Ottawa. When I asked, he said he “made all decisions for me; it is the only law he knows.”

Everyone, I have spoken to says something is very wrong!  There after I get “cold shoulders.” The RCMP says they see this happen every day.  I am being abused and my wealth has been stolen from me. My wife who started this Court process relocated to a new beautiful home, close by!

To conclude:
1.      The Gazette article shows that going to the bar was a meaningless complaint.
2.      And my going to court was/is impossible with money I don’t have.
3.      I now live in seven by ten foot room on a month by month basis. Seventy square feet is the legal minimum size of a prison cell.
4.      The Court Orders obviously did not consider my Civil Rights. They have a responsibly to do so. They are responsible to no one.
5.      The “The Barreau du Québec” is responsible to no one.
6.      Someone has what has been stolen from me. Theft is a crime.
7.      I am 78 years of age and this is Canada and I have done nothing wrong.
8.      I was Commissioned as an Officer of the Crown at the young age of 19, to go to war for Canada; where are our Rights being protected.
9.      Court Judgements can and do destroy families, every day.
10.    This not just about me; this is wrong.
11.    And remember our family Psychiatrist told me my wife would
kill me some day.

This adds to the proof of my argument. Nobody can defend themselves in the courts when the abuse is overwhelming. The unconscionable judgements override our basic rights.
If you would like to share your story, email at the address:


A Victim - are you or have you been, someones Victim?

Nov 13, 2014. A valuable update.
Hi again. I thought and asked a friend in Australia for  some good ideas how societies create victims. He suggested
"Stress, Portrait of a Killer" You can see it below at the bottom.  

Hi and welcome to this strange development. My name is Don and I'm 81 and a "real victim" and society just looks, stares and leaves.
I have stopped asking for help. I just keep on smiling with a glowing presence. I been in this state of living for almost 5 years now. I'm a bit fed up.
Life seems to be a violent game. This thought started growing in my third Eye, before Midnight November 11, 2014.
This story or essay, commenced during my sleeping hours and I started this first page at Noon just minutes ago. I awaked from quite a long comfortable sleep.

Why is this happening now? Believe or not, it can only be God coming to my rescue. I have a lot to report. No matter how strong I got in  society, situations evolved in my life, where I became someone's "victim."
If there is a victim, like me; there has to be criminal.
I'm thinking now about what should come next. This maybe my final opportunity to report to all of you. Or maybe God is saying he needs another man like "Job" I hope not.
Years ago my Military psychoanalysts told me, I would be killed by my wife. 

I'm to stop now! I have a headache beginning. I'll be back soon.

 "Stress, Portrait of a Killer"

The Hidden Secrets of Freemasonry Exposed ? !

Hi, I put this forward for your viewing, just because it is now out in the open to be seen. Some people want this to be seen.
I do not agree or dis-agree, with what is said.  My name is Don. However it does disturb me; a lot.
Published on Jun 22, 2013
Bill Schnoebelen claims to be a former 90th degree freemason who has escaped Freemasonry and become a god fearing Christian. Being such a high level initiate, he possesses a vast amount of secret information on Freemasonry, and reveals to the public the true face of Masonry, and the Satanic practices involved therein.
But while this video contains a lot of powerful information, we must be aware that Schnoebelen is still on the wrong path spiritually, including being involved in some strange form of Christianity at present. So please ignore his Christian musings, and his dreamed up fantasies about Islam, and appreciate the wonderful expose on Freemasonry.
Another important consideration is to not accept all of his claims at face value. While the majority of facts he presents are easily verifiable as true and accurate information about Freemasons, he certainly throws in a few wild claims about personal experiences of which further investigation is needed to authenticate them.
A few of the topics cover in the lecture are:
* The true meaning of the letter G on their logo
* Freemasons secret signs, handshakes, and passwords
* Freemasonry induction rituals and oaths
* The various different degrees of Freemasonry
* Concealment of crimes and favouritism in the court rooms
* US History, including its Presidents
* Architecture, including Washington DC and obelisks
* The danger of Sion (not Zion)
* Royals beliefs that they are the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdelene
* Drinking and eating from dead human's skulls
* Links with Satanism and Witchcraft
* Calling up Satan and invoking his blessings
* Famous terms such as "the widows son" and "square deal"
* The infiltration of lawyers, judges, and police by Freemasons
* Nearly every leading occultist and black magician was a Freemason
* Freemasonry is inherently evil, but only revealed at the higher levels
* Jack the Ripper has masonry painted all over the incident
Due to it being a full length video, you may skip the first 1:20, and end at 2:14:15.
Original clip is located at