Sunday, July 19

DEADLY WOMEN - An Eye for an Eye

All because you would kiss me goodnight

Hi and welcome to my Private Diary Blog. My name is Don.
Here is my photo I had taken of myself in 2008.
This was a happy time 2008.

Today is December 5, 2014. I know where the court is and I have been there. However, I have yet to find justice there.
There are many great Judges and Lawyers there. None are working for me. All my wealth is gone; it just disappeared.
This is me writing now. I'm well, but no longer well-off. I'm here now just making a live appearance for all to see. My History records have room for much more news.
And out of the silent court comes the sounds of
Embezzlement. That is what an ex-rcmp officer has
made me aware of. This has "stabbed me awake" to the corruption
that exists. The whole world is a population of mentally
disordered souls with Borderline personality injuries.

Thank God the Crisis is not over; we have
time to heal the world.


Re-Posted today August 26, 2011

To Denise My Soul Mate - 2010
We were making wedding love and you said “we are soul mates.” 1964 - We were in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. We had just come from our wedding ceremony in Ste. Agathe. I will never ever forget that moment; it is a vivid memory, which returns to me often and just did moments ago. I still love you. I trusted you more than any other person in the world. I was building our future wealth, with Anthony Zingone, as a 50/50 partner.
We left the Hotel and drove directly to his home in Long Island, because we both liked him. What I didn’t know at the time, is that he was a New York Mafia Loan Shark.
Clive Allen, my lawyer, asked me whether I could trust you and I told him “if I didn’t I would not marry you.” Clive drafted our marriage contract knowing my reply. I trusted you, my sweetheart; Mother of our children. But my sweetheart you moved me from my Home to Homelessness; do you really know why? The prison cell panel which I invented and developed with Ken McReynolds, in basement offices of the home (I bought for us-1969) has been taken from me. It was part of the wealth that I was building for us. Someone has that panel and the parts which made up that panel. Peter Howison and Francyne’s partner both could profit from the documents and development parts which were in the my offices and in the outdoor storage. I reported (2009) to the Montreal police that the 3’ x 3’ panel along with the parts were not where I had left them. I saw this when I re-entered my home; you called the police and had me put out again. Why did you do this to your soul-mate? I still love you.

I was able to defeat him in the Montreal courts using Chuck Emery, Clive’s partner.

I sold my interests in Weshire Inc., to Intalite Inc. and used the money to buy(1969) and complete our family home at 6 Hazel Drive, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux. I also sold my Jaccam Cruiser and used the money to add rooms to our home. All my furniture came from my first homes.

As you will remember Ken McReynolds sent me a Fax at NBC, your work place, which promised me $500,000.00, for my work inventing and developing that panel. Where are all my missing documents and my tools and equipment. I need them to make a living. Serge Holoduke still has his and is making a living. I need my home to make my living. I also had all the important "Inventory for the Recyling Business" I had built up. Where is it now? And there is, much more in assets, that I lost!
I have not given up my work to get Justice. The Court System evicted me from my home and has made me homeless. I consider myself a victim of pure evil, but I do not blame you. We both made unwise errors in our marriage, but not enough to end it. We were both smart enough to grow and mature. I still love you.
As long as I am alive I will work endlessly to get Justice. I have a Web Site to get Justice and you are welcome to visit it.  This site is filled with many diary essays.
Some people tell me to forget you and I tell them you are a soul mate. I know you have told people you know longer love me; to this I remember what you said to me in court, “you have a funny way of showing love.” I don’t have a funny way at all. That just proved to me you didn’t know what love is. You left me, I didn’t leave you. What can we call what you showed me? I still love you. Michael, our son, has told Eleanor that I will get my lost wealth from you. When? Michael has also repeated that to Vic Roth.  Love (Care and Aware) Don
“I climbed up the door and opened the stairs, Said my pajamas and put on my prayers, Then I turned off the bed and crawled into the light All because you would kiss me goodnight!” ~Author Unknown

Go to evidence of panel system