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What Your Poop Says About You (For Serious)

What Your Poop Says About You

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What The Color of Your Urine Says About You

What The Color of Your Urine

Published on Dec 5, 2013
Do you ever wonder what color your pee should be? Well, here is the answer! If you are healthy then your urine should be pale
yellow to clear in color. It should not be neon yellow, dark yellow or any other color. It should not be purple or something,
in that case you have to contact your doctor immediately.

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Kids need structure ~ Colin Powell

I never met Colin, but I got to know more about him when I became a Member of TED.
TED meaning, Technology, Entertainment and ... Design.

He is a bit younger than me, but we both became Commissioned Officers: Both of us from less wealthy Homes; [almost Starving in my case].

I was Protestant and think he was Catholic.
We both believed that teenaged kids wanted to become Warrior type Men, who could defend, not only our country but all of Humanity.

I found out that many truly hated us.
My own Children wanted their own type of chaotic dysfunctional behaviour approved by their Mother Denise, my very own Catholic wife.

What wives can do when
you are not following them everywhere:
deception happens to pop up everywhere.

This all fits in with my divorce
that delivered my second case
of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ~ PTSD.
The first fair injury happened in 1952;
when I became a Military Officer, at the age of 19.
I was one of those kids who was ready to be a real Man.
My Mother was very proud of me.

I feel Colin would have made a very
wise and truthful President of the

The Wonder of Seven - The Chestahedron

Published on May 27, 2014
Description below by Robert Otey:
Frank gives the clearest presentation to date of the core work he has done regarding his discovery of the 7 sided Chestahedron. The Chestahedron is a 7 sided geometric figure which is similar to so-called Platonic Solids, in that all of the faces have the same amount of surface area. The difference being that the Chestahedron has 2 types of faces, Triangles and Kites, whereas the platonic solids only have one type of face. In this presentation we were able to highlight and showcase many aspects of his previous lectures which were difficult to see and understand in past presentations. The Green screen allowed us to place images and videos next to Frank which brought greater detail and clarity to his work. We hope this gives all students of his work a more concise description to study this Geometrician's great achievements.

Frank's work is revealing the unseen magnetic space geometries described by Walter and Lao Russell which give form to so-called matter and substance in our electric Universe of ever changing spiraling temporal motions. Frank's work is a major confirmation and validation of the exhaustive and extensive Cosmology authored by the Russell's based on their divine illumination.



Why do flies and insects die in the Spiritual Research Centre

Published on Oct 15, 2014

"Can flies and insects spontaneously die in normal conditions within a couple of hours? At the Spiritual Research Centre such a phenomenon is taking place. Through spiritual research we have a clue why this is happening. SSRF appeals to scientists and researchers for further study."

Uploaded on Sep 17, 2011
An introduction to research on Spirituality, happiness, chants, mind, body, health, destiny, sixth sense, ghosts, possession and healing by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF).

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They are dying in my new house.
The lady bugs are easier to trap in appealing hot water
in the kitchen sink.
Every few hours, I remove the stopper plug,
and down the draining vortex
they simply flow away, through the sink holy hole.