Sunday, April 3

How many Generations have You lived through?

How many Generations have
You lived through?

It can be a very important question to ask.
For example: Did you see the horrid troubles of  World War Two?
A Generation in my days, was 20 years: So I can say, I experienced many Tears, during my 4 Generations of living
Is my answer a lie?
Well find another who has lived near me for those 4 Generations.
Who is the liar? The Drunkard!

Peter Kerr, My Grandfather. {Scotland}

My Mother's Father.... was a Drunkard, until the day in a Tavern, he met Rev. John Wesley, who said 'if necessary use the tavern as a church  to pray in'
Rev. John Wesley, made a revolution in England happen.

Mom's maiden Name was Helen Kerr. She threatened her Dad, Peter, to stop being a drinker of Alcohol. The next day He stopped and never drank a drop until he passed on at 85 after 4 Generations.

I also live in a methodical manner, which Historians have with success ~ proven beyond doubt is one of the very best habitual ways of living through 'The four Seasons of Life'
Historians resolve these problems using Scientific Methods, which require Mathematicians. The Historians carefully collect and record the enormous amount of Data which can be honestly examined by other Data Collectors for mistakes.

Mathematicians then use the Data to chart the probability of the Data,
Then, using certain assumptions they can say the first Historian was likely to be accurate given plus or minus (x) percent. Historians use some scientific tools.

The Oldest Story Books are called Bible Stories.
They even talk about the beginning.  [Which Beginning is that?]
That beginning is also studied by Physicists who look for patterns of matter over hundreds of Generations and they have determined, [using the using the most expensive scientific tools; made by Honest Engineers] patterns they chose to call Laws.

My point is.....  that my Blog is a very short Bible Story, where my Children and their neighbors; can act like Historians and check the truth I reveal.

They still have me around, (April 3, 2016) to wonder if I'm a liar or just a Living Lover of Musical like in tuned Order.

I have, on my own, found that living, using....  a Set Loving of Habits - A method of Living, keeps us [not Just in Balance] but permanently in tune.

Permanently in tune creatures find their bodies repair themselves.

They live in Well-Organized Small Communizes... together in a 'Peaceful Loving State' This is also true for Our own ants, Lady Bugs and etc.,

They live out their lives, in the methodically very same way - 24/7/365.
Not needing to 'Balance' they even have time to play.

They also recognize that everyone's Needs do change....  every Generation they live.
Men and their Women are patient... with each other as thier needs change at different times. Every living Creature, finds a Leader to Follow, even if the Leader leads them to Death.  For several months now I have trained the Lady Bugs, to accept death.
The Fly's obeyed me more quickly.
I learned this from Indian Pure Spiritual Saints. See them on YouTube for yourself.

The Four Seasons of Life.

Michael, my son, over-passed the word Drunkard.

My wife Denise drank... Alcohol in secret; hiding from me.
I too drank, for a few years, but it made me mad at myself, so I stopped.

Denise, mother of my two Boys.

Self Harm is a very sinful disorder to have.
I knew better and threw it out of my way of living the best way of all.
Methodical like John Wesley.


Few, think about how they Live, they seem to just live

Children Think at a very young age.
They want a better life for all...
I  was one of those kids in 1934.
At 22, I started my own Family
and I was amazed by my 3 boys.

My Dad

My Mother worked for the Extremely Super Rich and at times when they were away, I saw how they lived - It annoyed me. They had much more than everything I knew existed.

My Mother in Black - The Chief of Staff

 I began to think as many poor kids do; I had my own unique perfect skills and my Dad was amazed to see I had them. Mechanical Skills!

Few, think about how they Live, as compared how others live.
Unfortunately, for them and the rest of us this is where conflicts arise. We are all different.

I was 15, when I decided a permanent Home with permanent Job was much better than the way my Mother lived – Father left.

What caught my eyes was an advertisement to join the Army.
So at 17, I joined and by 19, I was commissioned Officer in the Queens Military Forces. I had a permanent Job, food, clothing, health services, a bed and a guaranteed pay... in cash.  We also had our own Court of Justice.

I loved little Jesus, but I was thinking about little me.

So Those who live happily can be seen to live in groups that have a loving structure. One great example of such a structure can be seen here – The military is One and a Second can be seen here.

A)  The military Life

D)  The Nuns Life

E)  Please accept all as Lessons: If not please Enjoy.  



Nuns Share Inspired Vocations

Nuns Share Inspired Vocations

In Cloistered God's Women of Steel 

Uploaded on Feb 28, 2012

"Cloistered: God's Women of Steel" is a documentary about the Sisters behind
Mother Angelica, the founder of the EWTN Catholic Television network.
These amazing Nuns belong to the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration (P.C.P.A.)

religious order and they live at The Our Lady of the Angels Monastery, a cloistered
Catholic community in Hanceville, Alabama.

They offer adoration to God and prayers for the souls of the world 24/7/365.

Don is the guy at the right holding
something in his left hand

Don's first weeks in the Military
Age 17.
Canadian Officers Training Corps
The Korean War

Structured Water Erases Water's "Memory" and makes it healthy again

Structured Water Erases Water's "Memory"
Just like a magnetic Tape Recorder

Published on Feb 9, 2013
Category -Science & Technology
License - Standard YouTube License

Water remembers the energy of where it has been and begins to break down as it is piped to your home. Using a Natural Action process the water can be "restructured" back into it's optimal form. Energetically similar to fresh living spring water.
This video shares fascinating research into new understandings about water and memory. The second part is a video from Clayton Nolte, the manufacturer of the "Natural Action" water restructuring device.

and  or

We need to propagate the best story we can come up with - by Don

We need to propagate the best story we can come up with  - by Don  
I revisited this thinking of mine again
Sunday  April 3, 2016 ~ It makes sense and this pleases me.

Monday January 12, 2015. []

Monday, January-03-11
To Solar, [name]

The basic idea goes deeper than the idea of “right and left brain” and it goes to the mind’s (intelligence); and that intelligence is not in the brain. Penfield's work here in Canada and William James lectures in Scotland addressed this issue in a very excellent manner of thinking.
It follows that intelligence from the “mind,” can be seen in smallest of animal creatures with no causal link to “brain size.”

Carl Jung's work also contributes in a major way to this study of the “Mind as differentiated from the Brain."

Within the past ten years, a Harvard Professor, of Brain anatomy wrote a book titled “The Stroke of Luck.”
She suffered a left brain stroke which took her ten years to recover from. She had the help of her mother all the while and she went back to Harvard teaching brain anatomy once again.
She was interviewed on national TV and talked about being in/with god at all times when she lived out her life in the right undamaged brain. Imagine!

It seems logical to infer that the left brain, with it tapes, interferes with intuitive (creative) intelligence; which is not in the brain but in the MIND. That is why I put forward the “idea of Right and left brain thinking in tandem” was an essential causal variable, missing from cross sectional studies of leadership styles and successful organizations. Japan's Zen Buddhism also comes to mind.  Likerts longitudinal studies changed my way of thinking.

I then began to teach “Situational Leadership a Behavioural Approach” to high level executives with engineering specialization educations.

I made very good money for my lectures over a ten year period. Combining all my ‘New Theory Bins’ allowed me to become a “Value-Adding-Chain and Organizational Development Guru”.

Couple this knowledge, together with my Industrial Engineering experiences in many different manufacturing processes and I became instant talent to bring about very rapid changes to organizations.

So we will bring into every ones awareness, that "MINDFUL Intelligence" is needed to overcome the errors of logic.
We make Bad Decisions when we make errors of logic.

Stout and Solar as a story is a very powerful way to bring new hope to humanity.

You are very right to say, that others who control horses as a “horse have a large zone of ignorance.”
They will benefit with new Know-How.

You have said just a few days ago that '”Electrical Engineers just don’t get it” about lighting and so it is true of so many other branches of specialization; Our Courts included.

We need to propagate a better story, to those who have yet to become aware; it is action that needs to be done.

What could be more magnificent than communicating in the zone of  God with your special companion Stout ?

Love (Care and Aware)