Thursday, February 27

The Holy Spirit, one of the Trinity explained using new and older words

What I can tell you about the meaning of The Holy Spirit.

Quotes in the following paragraphs, are from Jack D. Kendall (Iowa)
My mom was there... I felt safe, loved, and comforted. When I think of my
childhood, those comforters remind me how much I was loved and cared for. The Greek word translated comforter is parakletos, which also means
intercessor, counsellor, and advocate.The Comforter, Jesus was speaking about, is the Holy Spirit that God sends to dwell with us forever so that we need never feel alone or afraid or insecure or unloved. Once we become adults, we may leave behind childish fears; but when world caves in... and the future appears threatening, we all still need to feel the reassurances that comes when someone comforts

My words - February 26, 2014.-Don Wesley1933

..... Love, meaning a delivery of a comforting message, just for you.
Hi fellow passengers...
I just awakened from a very pleasant, and comfortable meditation and sleep.
I now understand the full meaning of the Holy Trinity.
I always understood who Christ and God are, on the manifest document..

Holy Spirit has been a puzzle for to understand.
For the past year I learned more about,
Mr. Tesla and electricity and waves and so on;
you can see this by looking at my blog and see what I discovered every few

days, pieces of a new puzzle: now I see the whole picture and realize what I missed.

Our heads are like radio receivers [crystal sets] that receive the holy-spirit
frequency. It manifests itself in our minds. It sends messages also; faster than the speed of light. You and I have been living and hearing this frequency all our life. Sometimes we change the frequency to Demonic, and feel uncomfortable. It is up to us to keep on the same good frequency.
All that Christ has been saying to us, is stay tuned to the right radio station
and see you are living in Heaven, right now.
Change the station and your behaviour will subtract from what is good.
It will show itself on your face!
When everyone in the world is on that frequency, we will all follow the rules of our creator, and have Enough for everyone.
We never evolved as one-creation.... we regressed. We evolved as individuals, that is obvious. See what we have done to the original creation and to each other.

Pineal Gland - Our Third Eye:

I saw this picture-puzzle with my eyes shut; going in and out of sleep. This manifested itself before my third eye. February 25-26, 2014.
I’m telling you what I learned.

This is something to start us thinking from Don 1933

This is something to start us thinking
from your friend Don 1933 
 Published on Feb 26, 2014
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