Wednesday, September 23

The Secret of Life ~ DNA


Triangles and Homes to live in.

Erhard, What is your problem then; the absence of His Gift of faith to you?

What is your problem then; the absence of  His Gift of faith to you.

Promise, believe and receive His gift of faith.


Erhard  ~  4291 Locklane - Williamsburg Ontario Canada


Erhard ... We all slip out of being perfect day by day.

However, Perfection without belief.... God ignores!

The Christian prayer is true work. You complain that you are too tired to work.
Jesus gives you the power you need! What is your problem then; the absence of is His Gift of faith to you.


Me Don.... I call a Cab; tell them where I am, and where I'm going to: Home to God.

I pray by the hour; May God reveal his very first blessing to you, after you accept the power HE has.

Some have never felt His blessings  ~ You seem to be one. You have too many maybe’s spread every where!

His Power is not a maybe!

It exists in the heart of every Christian ~ One heart, one church, per human. Millions of Churches everywhere to see not one empty.

It is the past sins of your Nation; you must pay for: Peter Burns told me this.  

7x7x7 years of repayment

Our Commonwealth of Nations, is blessed for destroying your German Nation in WW2.

Erhard, with sadness, I dislike your many nasty replies; they reveal the state you are in: somewhat messy and hellish ~ hard on the eyesight.

You have to destroy these replies you throw out to people; while you smile for them to see.
I have noticed how much better you are sleeping without the teasing of Michael, a truly smart guy who tried to help you, but hurt you a tiny bit.  I called the police and am a witness to the crime. And I did drive you, to the Hospital and the police station.  So I ask you... why do you attack me narccisstically to hurt me as well as others?

Tiny hurts hour by hour, that people don't see: they add up to evil work.

They to are a crime! 

Erhard ... God gave you, your brothers house in this nation to keep repairing forever and evermore...  and you brag about what you do. Your victim-friends do the work and God blesses them. Jack is coming soon.

Erhard...  Stop denying...  your Narcissistic  attitude. You need help: and it is available; just ask for help.

As I write this, I see you watching me ~ thinking up 1 more attempt to bite. While I’m gone to eat.... give-up biting.

Don with love: consider this a kind Christian rebuke. Snakes bite!

Jack who helps you, And his wife Kathy who at times feeds You Erhard.

My new young Mentor who encourages us  to pray for the best, which is already on its way here. I love the encouragement He gives us.