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Intuition vs. Thinking ~ how to tell the difference

Dr. Laura Koniver, MD (the Intuition Physician)

Dr. Laura Koniver, MD (the Intuition Physician) shows you exactly how to tell the difference between a thought and an intuition. Confidently knowing the difference between what is an intuitive knowing and what is a worry or a thought can make a HUGE difference in decreasing anxiety when making important medical decisions. Dr. Koniver walks you through how to tell the difference, and gives 3 practical tips you can do right now to strengthen and honor those intuitive nudges.

Douglas Christie Memorial Video Library - Think, Feel and Speak

Doug Christie from the Freedomsite's

Douglas Christie Memorial Video Library
Published on Oct 22, 2013
Clips of Doug Christie from the Freedomsite's Douglas
Christie Memorial Video Library, ending with a message
from Doug.

He impressed and gave me Hope.
Douglas Christie

A victim of a liar is a separate story ~ A liar is a liar, period.

We are all victims of Lies
I'm 83 and still a victim.
My Name is Don John Wesley
This picture was taken 10 years ago.
April 23, 2016
The super-rich seem to employ highly skilled liars.
They are so rich, so  they can afford to investigate before they hire?
I will produce another Blog story of how often I been a victim.
Two recent suppliers of what I buy everyday: Food and Cell Phone service.
Third, I also spent yesterday with a small group of self-called Christians who believe that only Jesus is one with God. I know that God lives in us; in one of the two halves of our brain. We are connected by infinite electromagnetic waves to the whole universe. Not only Jesus has the exclusive privilege of talking intimately with God.
The Book of JOB in the Holy Bible revealed this to us all at least 2000 years ago. 

One Food supplier charges me 14 dollars for 1+ Liter of  Snack fluid.
While Auto gas sells for 90 cents a Liter .

This is a lesson  we need take and pass the test
before we challenge another Liar.

Truth about Liars and Lies

The author of this lesson says......

No matter how painful the truth may be, it is always best to be open and honest up front.

The origin of a liar is evil.
The goal of a liar is supposed self-protection. Although there are different kinds of pain, the intention of a liar is to cause or alleviate pain to the receiver of the lie.

People love to read and write about liars but do not enjoy direct contact with them.
Liars make good villains in a story but not lovers, relatives, friends or

In reality, good people try to avoid them like the plague.

There is
no trust consequently any stability in a relationship with a liar. When identifying a liar, there is no distinction with age, sex, race and so on.

A liar is a liar, period. A victim of a liar is a separate story.

In my opinion, there are different types of liars. Although people can fall into more than one category, the divisions include:
1) The Blatant Liar,
2) The Back-stabbing Liar,
3) The White Liar,
4) The Poker-face Liar,
5) The Non-verbal Liar, and
6) The Blackguard.

A person who looks you in the eyes and speaks a lie without blinking an eye or conscience is the Blatant Liar. You obviously and automatically know this evil-
hearted person is lying because he/she chooses not to hide it in any way or form.

The back-stabbing liar is found most often in a business, especially corporate work environment. The success-climbers will resort to any means to reach the top and
usually back-stabbing is involved. The phrase 'watch your back' applies to this

Feel-good compliments or keeping the peace are the white liars. Usually the feel-good compliments are spoken by women and the keeping the peace comments come from men. Even though you may be fat and/or the color is wrong for you, a white liar will tell you that 'you look great!'

When a person masters the art of maintaining a blank look on his/her face, this is a poker-face liar. As when playing cards where the other players absolutely believe you have a good or a bad hand, in reality you have the opposite. An honest person never receives the expected from an un-expectant poker-face liar.

The most difficult lies to detect come from the non-verbal liar. First of all, the non-verbal liar firmly believes he/she is not lying because he/she did not SPEAK it aloud. This phrase applies to the liar's way of thinking, 'what she/he doesn't know, doesn't hurt her/him.' Because the victim of the liar eventually learns the truth from another source, the opposite is true and the victim is hurt deeply.

No matter how painful the truth may be, it is always best to be open and honest up front.