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Tanner Roth

Tanner Roth

John Wesley

My High School teacher, Doug Lunan, taught me in grade eight[home room] and literature in grades ten and eleven.
He knew my mother quite well. She would always keep on top of my teachers.
I was reading a part from a play and really got into the part, when I stopped and he shouted out "don't stop."
It was a very striking exclamation by him. All the class knew it was something special that he had seen me do.
I stopped because I became self conscious that I was becoming someone else.
It was he who found, in me, something special very unique about understanding the Book of Job and Shakespeare's Hamlet. The Book of Job, it thought to be the oldest in the Bible. Many think that my major complaint is loss of wealth; my biggest loss was family.

What you have directed me to in Wikipedia, is a short and revealing story about me and my family,

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Published on Mar 14, 2017

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Truthdig columnist and Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges addresses fascism and the rise of the Trump war machine in the keynote speech at the "After Trump and Pussy Hats" event in Vancouver, British Columbia, on March 3, 2017.
Introductions by Cecilia Point of the Musqueam First Nation and Lee Lakeman of Vancouver Rape and Women's Relief Shelter.

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