Tuesday, January 21

From the depths of darkness go... For the new science-evidence - Believing the Mind



When I feel the depths of darkness
Filling me with doubt and
Squeezing life out
as I did just a moment ago

All that I need to know about life,
is that
God is a person
and his son was born.

I will hear a man sing out to me...

' Don did you know '
In seconds....
a few seconds
I'm back and
re-believing in the
Idea of Heaven.

There so much man-made suffering to see every hour and second. Will you, deny me a Piece of hearing this
Vocal Band, perform.

I'm going there right now.

Follow me...   To the Star Lit Skies

My parents God Bless them,
taught me in my crib 
that He existed.

'If I die before I awake
please take my soul
to heaven'

These words alone
Made me a fearless child.
How many of us were taught the value of
Brains, Minds and Believing.

For the new science-evidence - Believing  the Mind

To the Vocal Band go hear below
Leave your burdens under you.