Sunday, January 18

Champion - Can you become One ?

Many think they have a great chance to be one - a Champion.
A coach "may" tell you this... so he has students to work for. We all have teams we cheer on. It seems we all need to be part of a winning side. All aspiring students need study under the best coach they can find.
There are exceptions however....  because some do succeed all by themselves. My son Steven, became a Body Building Champion...

Many have lived to be like Jesus. It is a life worth living for. You need only hear His Name Christ. Before you read the Bible; it is important that you have lessons of why we need to win and defeat this before he has more support to cheer Him on to victory. All my life, since I was two I dreamed of being the champion who would defeat the Devil.

Here is a short Book telling us Why we need to defeat the Devil...

Hi and welcome in here... this Blog I call my Inn.
My Name is Don Wesley. I lived all my life in Montreal until July 2009. 
I have been retired since I was 60... now I'm 81.  All these retirement years I have worked for Humanity... according to Gods Commands.
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