Saturday, April 16

Sun Light comes From God - All Can Use Sunlight.

Only God has The Power ...
All Can Use His Sunlight.

April 17, 2016. 
A Message From A Light Technician

A Light Technician named Don 

"God Gives and Governs the Energy He Sends Us."
Sunlight is His Power Delivered: Visible and Free to All"

"Those who Believe Their Leader has this Power of Love
Have Turned into Monsters:  Pure Evil."

The psychology of Evil

Wisdom ~ Where did it go?

Jaccam - The Story

Jaccam - The Story

Plattsburg NY - Don -  Circa 1964

My Secretary Alan Joss hanging on  -  Lachine, Quebec - Don at the Stern (Rear)

Denise, Granma, Nicole, Picture by Don - In the Canal Lock

Rideau Canal Ottawa - Don
I freed Her - Back into the river.

Don - Great times

Denise greater times.
Our First Trip up the Ottawa River
Teenage Neighbor as our Helper