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Religion vs Relationship (a testimony about "the Truth")




How Biased Are You


Published on Sep 6, 2015

The Whole World is Insane or on the Border of it

 Even beautilful people get stuck in it.

 This Disorder causes most of the trouble:  over the whole world


Uploaded on Oct 15, 2011
A veteran trauma-recovery therapist proposes that BPD and other "personality disorders" are all SYMPTOMS of up to six psychological wounds from early-childhood trauma.


‘I’ is the holy forgotten word.

Precious Friend,

Is there something, we can do to have the “six secret” lesson benefits;
and save our golden friendship?

 All Good Men, are on the same level and of un-equal, but ever increasing value as they learn new skills    [At least that is what they strive to achieve.]
They give up their vices for virtues, one at a time, perhaps daily, until they are content with life.

 I want to have conversations with you, because the “six secrets” say it is more healthy for us to have such friends.

I said at your wedding, that old friends are like gold. Do you remember my saying so. At the time I also talked about “silver”

Please tell me, what I can do for you, that would better meet your needs for good healthy conversations.

We all have different needs, because we have different personalities. [healthy or otherwise] Nine types have been recognized over the centuries. The goal of being better, is to merge or integrate all nine into one. It is a great target to get too. It can take years of work in many very different situations. Each personality can be seen over a continuum from healthy, average or unhealthy. Getting all nine healthy personalities merged into one takes work, from apprentice to master.

But it is worthwhile.

The most kind and wise personality, ever seen, was revealed by a very young man of 30, 2000 years ago. All but his enemies, were in love with him. All were amazed; but those who were in power at high levels, were afraid of loosing their jobs. They tried everything to put him down or demean him, They even played the role of snobs. Nothing could defeat his very short lessons. [short lessons have more power]  

 Every social problem, they could bring to him, he had a good answer for. He even healed those he asked “do you believe me.” 

It took his disciples, seeing him rise from the dead, before they were really true believers. He didn’t lie or exaggerate one bit, and they weren’t stupid men.

I, Don Wesley, will not lie to you, nor will I guess at answering your questions, if I have knowledge about the subject. And I won’t waste our time by confusing you with stories I create which are mis-leading. I will deliver them to you, at a level you can understand, or say I don’t know.

‘I’ is the holy forgotten word.   “I will not lie to you, may God strike me dead”

It is not “we” A promise by the ‘We’, is impossible. It is socialism.

Every man is a holy I. He promises, having searched his own heart, for the truth and never to lie about it and not to reply with nonsense, which confuses other men.

 What can you, and I, do together that, which will fight corruption, and bring an end to man-made suffering? Without justice there can be no hope, on earth. Hopelessness is worse than Homelessness.

Without hope in the justice of God; we just need to kill to survive. Is this the world you want?

 Your Priceless Friend,

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