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Decoding the Stars - A New Look at Astrology

Decoding the Stars

Published on Mar 31, 2016

Michael de Crespigny is Professor of Planetary Research and Engroupings at the University of Pimlico, and Chair of the Interplanetary Harmony Committee. He is a lecturer in cosmic connectivity, and his research group specializes in experimental proofs of celestial motion and its relation to human and animal life on Earth.
Michael read Natural Sciences at Uxbridge University, before completing his PhD in quantum pigeonholing. In the past he has worked with research groups and key figures from NASA, CERN and CBBC to search for testable explanations for the way the stars predict his life.

The Silent Epidemic Part 2

The Epidemic
Part 2

Published on Sep 26, 2011
Self Harm Documentary - The Silent Epidemic is about the new ways science is
finding to battle the long ignored and mysterious behaviour of self-harm, which affects over 200,000 Australians every month.