Tuesday, July 28

The Devil uses Beauty to Ensnare Us All.

The Devil uses Beauty to Ensnare Us All


God told Job....  that God alone, is at the highest level of a Hierarchical system of social organizations. He will be forever our King in Heaven. We each own our own flesh and can, to a point,  control it. 
 God will decide the time when he cuts His electricity OFF.
We continue to live spiritually for ever, when He does disconnect our flesh from His power called Love. His affection for us is at the highest level there is. We continue to live spiritually for ever. God's flesh is the Holy unknown spirit, which is the mystery, we need to investigate in a scientific manner.
Well now.... it seems safe for me [with humble confidence] to say and build upon.... that God is real and exists right now; at this very moment. 
Now I can say God...  at the very least, He gives me... His his words to pass on to you guys.
Like a radio...  all we need to do.... is  tune  in to His frequency. I read the book of radio technology, when I was 10 and 11 years old.

I an 82  and have some little higher level of social status just because of the number of months I have lived through. Job lived to 140 years of age. God kept him fully supplied with living Electricity and Magnetic  Fields [The Holy Spirit]




Satan  ?




Published on May 9, 2015  by  Steven M. Greer, MD
"He had worked out down to the mathematical formula all the trans dimensional technologies up to and including teleportation, dematerialization, anti-gravity, electro-magnetic-gravitic, energy from the vacuum etc. and so on... and I´m just getting started"

"I have his home address, his phone number, his curriculum vitae and résumé and know everything about him. I know him very well, this guy is amazing and I´ve been in his Lab"