Thursday, September 12

News and Nostalgia - About Making What is Good, even Better

He won by a big margin, 36 years ago

About Making What is Good, even Better

Stop Walking on Eggshells.- November 4, 2011

Stop Walking on Eggshells: Secrets of Limit Setting - Randi Kreger
Family Perspectives on Borderline Personality Disorder: The Basics and Beyond

Times were really super. Every one was very happy it seems. Circa 66.

Here on the Richelieu Canal, with Mama and Papa
and Nicole and Gilles
and me as Captain. Denise with pregnant with Michael. 
We left Montreal, and  through the Seaway, up to Sorel.
And then down the Richelieu Canal to Lake Champlain.

It took a week I seem to recall.

We all had our own bunks and slept peacefully.

Don caught the fish and Denise took the picture [Circa 1965]

On the Rideau Canal near Ottawa.
On the Jaccam.
I put him back in the water. 
Denise and I were alone.
Steven, and Christopher were at Home.

Integrated Lighting Limited Circa 1959

Don's  first Company
He found Denise a bit later
Serge and Maurice [above] were the two very skilled employees.

IBM Executive Direction Education Program - 1976

IBM Executive Direction Education Program  - 1976
Front row, third from the right /\
Don is present