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An Evil person hurts children



How Women Destroy Love

Uploaded on Aug 19, 2009
There are things women do to destroy their relationships without realizing the damage they are doing.
If you want to create more love, intimacy, passion and closeness, do not do these things.
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Glen Campbell celebrates his faith and belief in Jesus.

Published on Jul 6, 2014

A little known gem from Glen Campbell that celebrates his faith and belief in Jesus. Glen was diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2011 Sadly, his condition has become so bad that he is now in a nursing home.


The truth is more time consuming to prove and so we get much Innjustice

The truth is more time consuming to prove

(1)  Integrity is the foundation of any system of law.
An adversarial process can have general integrity when both sides demonstrate willingness to share evidence, follow guidelines of debate and accept rulings from an arbitrator in a good-faith effort to arrive at either the truth or a mutually equitable outcome.
(2)  An honorable presentation of the case measures both sides of the argument with a consistent set of principles.
Failure to present principles in accordance with observation or to try them unequally can weaken a case.
(3)  Lies, on their own, are not sufficient evidence of a crime though in some situations they may themselves be a crime - making false statements, fraud, false advertising, perjury.
(3)  However, lies may indicate that the defendant knows s/he is guilty, and the prosecution may rely on the fact that the defendant has lied alongside other evidence.
The lawyers will usually agree to seek a mutually equitable outcome.

(4) They make more money this way. There is only one truth and there endless possible lies.
(5)  This conflicts with my needs.

(6)  I need the truth, otherwise I lose my wealth. Therein the Court lays its eggs of abuse!
Without the truth we get Innjustice.
From a court we need Justice, not arbitration.

A thought from Don Wesley 1933, Jan 7, 2011