Thursday, September 6

In the corners of our minds - Hidden memories

I long, for a quiet conversation, with a quiet mind,
In the quiet of my of my garden,
In the quiet of evening.
Quiet however is so close to Quarrelsome
Then after Q and U, there is the V,
For Values.
And in the silent consciousness of our mind,
Which reveals to us Reason;
Your reasoning and mine,
We do not see, nor hear
The hidden maps of our Violent differences.
And hidden Triggers spring them loose.
In corners of our minds, hidden minefields lay waiting.
And then, there is silence; Dead Silence
Copyright 2012 - Don Wesley

A Note from Don Wesley, September 6, 2012, a Thursday at 1:15 PM
The Political Party of Separation is back in Power once again.
The Poem above wrote itself from my self which resides in my mind.
The hidden maps in the neural circuits of my Brain released
The memories of past injustice.
From my parents and yours.
Our hidden memories spring to freedom
Societal rules tell us to forgive and forget,
But silent brains hold the real truth.
I remember the traitors of the October Crisis
And the Village of Prevost where they found the traitor’s arsenal.
And I remember the Prevost, my wife who removed my quiet garden.