Tuesday, March 8

Masonic Lodges and what they can do for you ~ 439 & 131 & Chesterville Ontario.

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Deiter Hartnick taught Me all I
needed to Know about Freemasonry.
We had to be the very Best

We had many young men waiting to Join
our Serious Lodge
The Mason I asked worked for Via Rail.

R. Wor. Bro. Deiter Hartnick - Organist    131 Montreal ~ Shriner Karnack

Doctor Lundel ~ University  Lodge ~  McGill ~ Montreal
Fred Taught me!  He really set me on the Right Road. 

131 Montreal ~ This was a very Busy and Splendid Lodge and was Envied
We had 5 stewards to prepare and serve our meals at refreshment time. 
A Worshipful Master -  Chesterville Ontario 

There is time for work and time for refreshment.
Sleep is the time for rebuilding our
Immune system.
It only rebuilds in the full Dearness of Night!
Sleep is more important than Food!


Of Hearts and Minds

Pure Science Specials - Of Hearts and Minds 

This is a powerful Lesson


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By Dr. Mercola
In the film “Of Hearts and Minds,” science documentary
filmmaker David Malone explores the human heart, juxtaposing the modern scientific view of the heart as a
mere pump, versus its long history as a symbol of love and the center of innate wisdom and human character.
The film starts off in an operating room where open heart surgery is taking place, and Malone interviews Consultant
Surgeon Francis Wells, who talks about the mechanistic and bioelectrical workings of the heart.

However, when it ends, is where we haven't been, for too many centuries ......