Tuesday, June 24

Denise, is even more intelligent than Jodi Arias.

Denise, is even more intelligent than Jodi Arias.
They both needed treatment for D.I.D.
I escaped to Ottawa, before she could put into operation a “Mafia Bow-tie.”

Murder in the First Degree Inside the Arias Trial HD commercial.

Published on May 12, 2013
A very decent overview, especially considering the brevity of broadcast time, in the cold-blooded murder of  Travis Alexander - by sociopath murderer Jodi Arias on 06/04/08.

The quick gloss-over after the ever-so-competent Dr. Janeen DeMarte's testimony (which might possibly leave a casual observer who hadn't followed the trial, with a belief that her findings were possibly discredited in some way) - is just bad, though.
It was completely the opposite. This had to do with only a brief time to wrap the last 3-4 weeks of trial up in 5 minutes.


C. S. Lewis' Conversion from Atheism to Christianity

Published on Jun 20, 2014
C. S. Lewis, hated the idea of God and Christianity just as much as atheists like Richard Dawkins. However, after much open thought and reasoning he came to a relationship with God.