Tuesday, October 27

Deadly Women - Intellect Used For Evil


Osiris & Christianity - The Christian Adoption of Egyptian

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Frank Sinatra - If You Go Away

  Frank Sinatra - If You Go Away

Mary did you know

Mary, Did You Know? [Live] This inspires me ... Don Wesley

The Season when God is really here with his Reindeers'
He brought His Son with Him

We called God... Santa Claus.

Hi and welcome to my Blog and Diary November 27, 2014. {now October 2015]

My name is Don.
The way I think, feel and behave... changes during the Merry-Christmas time.
When I was 10, in 1944, we were in the midst of war; it seemed with whole world.

Seven years later, I  joined the military and became an Officer at 19.
Did I experience "altered states of mind" ?

When I talk, using different metaphors for each season; some would say I seemed crazy. What I know about myself, is that I'm just plain "real and love everyone".

December 22, 2013.

Next to her {Denise] being here within this picture me.
She knows who she is!
Mother to my Children.
A Perfect Mother.
A Perfect Wife and Lover.
Do You Know who she is?

This music has the magic to create streams of tears of joy, from the audience.
It has the same effect on me.

Our Precious Son
Steven John Wesley
I never ever knew anyone,
who worked so hard to become some one who heals!

He was a professional student
and got the 100 percent,
he needed to succeed. 

He is a psychiatrist now. 

This is me, Don, with my Dad in 1934
A complicated time in history.
It made me, a complicated kid to understand.

To this day I'm even more complex.


The Facts About Radon Gas - It's Deadly

I received from Canada Post, this morning, a reminder about radon gas.


It is only me.

To tell you, that I can see you... is a lie.

However I do want to know more about you.

I'm lonely and feel I'm in solitary confinement


Please stop believing todays fairytales that adults believe now.

Strange Answers to the Psychopath Test ~ Jon Ronson ~ TED Talks

Hell's Best Kept Secret

Morphogenesis - A New Science of Life


Published on Sep 20, 2014
Why do many natural phenomenons elude from conventional explanations of natural sciences?
At the Quantica Symposium Dr Rupert Sheldrake explains the origin of the materialistic world view and why this isn't capable of describing observable effects like telepathy, for example.
Instead, Sheldrake's hypothesis of "morphic resonance" can illuminate other phenomenons of communications. Thus he describes rats having learned to orient themselves in a maze seem to pass what they learned to conspecifics outside their own group. Even with humans this effect can be observed.



The Death of God - Venerable Fulton J Sheen