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Somebody Up There Likes Me




If God Came Back

God never left us !



DEADLY WOMEN | To Love And To Murder | S5E6

Published on Sep 28, 2015
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Southern belle Louise Peete shoots and kills multiple partners, leaving a trail of blood and bodies behind her before the state takes her life in the gas chamber.
Instead of divorce, horse owner Jane Dorotik chooses to murder her husband so she won't have to share the money she planned on using for her own ranch.
Teresa Lewis and two secret lovers shoot her husband and his son for life insurance in Danville, Virginia, but they don't plan it well – her husband is still alive when the police arrive, and his dying testament is a clue as to who is responsible. Teresa is executed by the state of Virginia in 2010.


God will live in you; ..... only if you obey His commands now. Will you obey Him and be at peace with everyone?

His commands are made known for you.... by Monica Dennington

I have obeyed His commands since I was a child  -
Making what is good, even better for humanity. The INN of JUSTICE is a collection of personal reflections, essays, and conversations about life; which contributes to the knowledge of Good Families.



I invite you....
to change the way you "think" before you leave
my blog-mansion.... ?
Don Wesley 1933


DNA Genesis - Scientific Adam - National Geographic Documentary Films


Published on Jan 23, 2015
This new documentary film from National Geographic explains the Human Genome Project.
Studies of the genetic markers within our DNA have uncovered the true story of our ancestry. Every human being alive on the planet today is descended from a single father and mother. Our ancient parents lived about 50,000 years ago in East Africa and their arrival signalled a new chapter in the planets history. Endowed with the power of conceptual thought - they would quickly multiply and spread to dominate all corners of the planet, developing the skills and technology necessary to thrive in every environment on earth. This new documentary film follows the trail of their amazing journey.

49:13 O men! Behold, We have created you all out of a male and a female,
["We have created every one of you out of a father and a mother" - implying that this equality of biological origin is reflected in the equality of the human dignity common to all.]


49:13 - and have made you into nations and tribes, so that you might come to know one
another.[i.e. know that all belong to one human family, without any inherent superiority of one over another. This connects with the exhortation in the preceding verses to respect and safeguard each other's dignity. In other words, our evolution into "nations and tribes" is meant to foster rather than to diminish our mutual desire to understand and appreciate the essential human oneness underlying our outward differentiations; and, correspondingly, all racial, national or tribal prejudice ('as abiyyah) is condemned - implicitly in the Quran - and most explicitly by
the Prophet. Speaking of people's boasting of their national or tribal past, the Prophet said: "Behold, God has removed from you the arrogance of pagan ignorance (jahiliyyah) with its boast of ancestral glories. Man is but a God-conscious believer or an unfortunate sinner. All
people are children of Adam, and Adam was created out of dust." (Fragment of a hadith quoted by Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud, on the authority of Abu Hurayrah.)
28:15 And one day he entered the city at a time when most of its people were resting in their houses, unaware of what was going on in the streets; and there he encountered two men fighting with one another - one of his own people, and the other of his enemies. And the one who belonged to his own people cried out to him for help against him who was of his enemies
- whereupon Moses struck him down with his fist, and thus brought about his end. But then he said to himself: "This is of Satan's doing! Verily, he is an open foe, leading [man] astray!"
[These verses seem to indicate that it was the Israelite, and not the Egyptian, who had been in the wrong. Apparently, Moses had come to the assistance of the Israelite out of an instinctive sense of racial kinship without regard to the rights and wrongs of the case; but immediately afterwards he realized that he had committed a grave sin not only by killing, however inadvertently, an innocent person, but also by basing his action on a mere tribal - or, as we would describe it today, racial or national prejudice. Evidently, this is the lesson of the above Quranic segment of the story of Moses. Its moral has been stressed and explained by the Prophet on many occasions: his famous saying:
"He is not of us who proclaims the cause of tribal partisanship (asabiyyah); and he is not of us who fights in the cause of tribal partisanship; and he is not of us who dies in the cause of tribal partisanship" (Abu Dawud, on the authority of Jubayr ibn Mut'im). When he was asked to explain the meaning of "tribal partisanship", the Prophet answered, "It means helping
thine own people in an unjust cause"
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The Last Days Of Mary Queen of Scots

Published on May 24, 2015.
John Guy, Kate Williams and Robert Hutchinson are among those debating the legacy of one of Britain's most tragic monarchs as they examine whether Mary, Queen of Scots, was a victim of her cousin Elizabeth I's treachery or the author of her own destruction. They look at her claim to the English throne and the events that led to Mary being kept under house arrest for nearly 20 years before she was executed in 1587.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Cult Exposed ?

Published on Mar 2, 2015
Jehovah’s Witnesses Cult Exposed - Documentary Film
According to August 2014 organizational data published in the 2015 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses, globally subscription surpassed 8.2 million enthusiasts involved in evangelism, convention participation went beyond 15 million, as well as annual Memorial participation exceeded 19.9 million. Jehovah's Witnesses are routed by the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, a team of elders in Brooklyn, New York, which develops all doctrines based on its interpretations of the Bible; they prefer to utilize their own translation, the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures.
The group arised from the Bible Student motion, established in the late 1870s by Charles Taze Russell with the development of Zion's Watch Tower Tract Society, with substantial business and doctrinal modifications under the leadership of Joseph Franklin Rutherford. The name Jehovah's witnesses was embraced in 1931 to differentiate themselves from other Bible Student teams and also symbolize a break with the heritage of Russell's customs.

Are All Psychics Fake?

Are All Psychics Fake?
I think there are too many fakers.
However some were born real?

I'm not certain whether I was what my Mother said I was:  "real"
She did get money from  my signaling with the Dead.
I was 5,6,7, and 8 years of age during WW2.  

Most men went to war and some were killed ~ Dead?
We all sat around a table and I tipped  the "planchette" : twice for "yes".
My Mother also read "tea leaves"
We made a few bucks for our tiny family