Saturday, October 29

She lost her left leg below the knee

Adrianne Haslet-Davis

As a survivor and amputee from the ....
Boston Marathon Bombings, Adrianne gives us the guidebook on a topic we will all face in one way or another in our lives.

Adrianne Haslet-Davis is a Professional Ballroom Dancer and public speaker who has survived the unimaginable Boston Marathon Bombings where she lost her left leg below the knee.

She now works to inspire others to fulfill their own personal dreams.
This riveting talk is told through Adrianne's own stories of recovery where she learned very quickly that even the most well-intentioned words would never make her leg grow back.

The hug that helped change medicine

A Hug can save even a Marriage

Sainte Chapelle - Glorious Fruit of the Middle Ages

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Sainte Chapelle

Glorious Fruit of the Middle Ages

Singing Assembly "As One"

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Singing Assembly 

Published on Jan 19, 2016
Our pupils always enjoy their singing assemblies. This week, Key Stage 2 children sang "As One" - a song with an important message about the world we live in.

We’ve got to trust one another, stand with each other,
fix our eyes on all that’s right not wrong.
If we can learn to be sorry, love everybody,
we can live as one.

"As One"

Paradigm Shift - An Explanation

A Paradigm ?

Dreams are telling you to change the paradigm you are In