Friday, June 20

Military Science Education and Don 1951 to 1953.

[I chose to defend the United Kingdom of Canada and other Realms.]..
 The RCAC  -  Camp Borden
Don [center row, first from the right]

Kingston on the St. Lawrence River.
The Officers Quarters

Don in the center

Sitting  in the Officers Mess  balcony

Concordia University

Queen Elizabeth

Don was evicted from his home -  July - 2009
This was the afternoon
The Criminals were in full operation of Destroying and
Stealing my Home and Property "My Life Savings"
Francyne is sitting telling Denise to call 911, to say I was there!
As I said at the top, I defend our nation from Embezzlement, like stealing my property...  my Castle.  



Christianity is Unscientific ? - Andrew Wilson


Christianity is Unscientific ?