Saturday, June 20

Happiness leaves when Eye Contact has left.

My permanent happiness was gone.
Look carefully at each picture of me.
Denise herself took the one where I look a bit angry

I have tiny bits of happiness now.
She left me

Denise Wesley left me.
We no longer had eye contract

Via Rail and improvements there were excellent.

Investigating and Educating in Via Rail was a joy for me

I loved Via and Via loved me.

My Masonic Lodge in 1994 - and their Hologram

I had a great DeskTop  Publishing set of tools.


Montreal - West Island extortionists use death threats to silence victims and obtain cash


This was the Monday Gazette April 29, 2002

I was sorting and filing old documents before I move again.
I found this and was very pleased to have as evidence, that my story is true.

Feeling guilt... leads to greater divorce
co-operation the study found.