Monday, May 15

Stop Thinking

We have to help ~  not ask what gave us our life

The thought to take-away is . . .
We must Listen to receive the available Simple Messages

(God) is all of us together.
The energy we need to live, comes in waves.

Waves are measured in frequencies.

The electricity delivered to us by the Hydro companies is a steady 
60 cycle wave.

Light from the tungsten bulb is delivered to us waves.

Waves are there for our brains, with billions of  unique frequencies.

X-rays, water waves, sound waves, earth quake waves. 
Speaking to and listening to each other are done by waves.

Cell phone use waves. Ants  need waves

Does it have to be a miracle, to understand that waves always there and controlling everything.

We see a fraction of the waves everywhere.

We have a receiver available in our mind using the billions of frequencies. We each have our own unique identity frequency: I.D.

There a Method to learn and it requires us to stop thinking. Talking and Listening to our Universe, has been called Praying.

There was a Book Library, before buildings were made.

It had at times up to 70 Books available for social research.

My parents couldn't' afford the set of Encyclopedias.
They did find a used book named a "Book of a Thousand Things" and I still have it.

Today is using hidden waves over the Internet and now have billions books visible on plastic screens.

We now can now see and communicate with everyone. We are Bigger Part of (God).

This is my own understanding of the Mystery.

Donald John Wesley and I working for (God)

The Old Library is now a picture

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