Friday, June 27

My Granson Tristan, when the Family was Whole.

He was smaller, but much stronger than kids bigger than him.
Like his Dad, Steven, Tristan  is very strong and very smart.
He revealed this to all his fans on the Hockey rinks of Burlington.

Did the education he received, kill his motivation

See the following TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson for the antidote to education that kills.

God Bless Tristan; I love him and had fun with him, when he came, for a day or two, to the Family Home I built, in the West Island of Montreal. - DDO.

Why do News Papers own their own ships, to transport, cut-wood, and paper?

Dear Friend,
They, the News Organizations and others, keep chopping down, trees for the paper mills. It is also true, that wireless communication is expanding, for the few big owners, who grow like cancers.  
You just developed for me, your explanation, which ended with "they have some axe to grind." Every "human" has an explanation about everything.  It is a human need, to escape from ignorance, quickly. Otherwise fear takes over the brain and mind.

I often get the feeling, you don't want to escape, from the mind-thoughts you have created and stored in your own brain; like so many other good people do.
To free our brains, and allow our minds, to be less constricting, and protecting us, we consume organic drinks. A bit-drunk some would say
The more we get answers; the more questions we ask?
Science is a “very expensive” methodical way of asking questions. Now our governments put more money into science institutions and the pay-back is diminishing. Is this foolishness we are seeing? It is no longer a good investment, it seems.

John Wesley, was a founder of the Methodist way of spreading the wisdom of God. He found a way to spread the good news without money.
He brought drunks out of the drinking houses and turned many good men into ministers.

Why is the world, so beautiful, given all the Devils' weeds and seeds and dead bodies everywhere. 

Some are too busy to ask the right questions!
One right question could stop the escalating numbers of new questions.

God who lives here among us, is lovingly asking us to listen, to his words of wisdom. I made a decision to work for Him only.
I, carefully choose from the thousands of excellent lessons available on the internet. I do this, while searching for lessons which I need for myself. I share some of these with you.

The Devil is all powerful and we cannot defeat him.  However we can stop his seeds from growing.  We, as little Davids, with our sling-shots, can kill the Devils' giants.

Why do news papers exist?  -   "If I were the Devil"
Remember this was first broadcast in 1965.