Saturday, February 7

Kitimat 2015 Snow Storm in Canada BC - 4 feet of snow

This is something to remember and think about
These 2 scenes are in Ontario, Canada.
Just the snow at night with the Cross lighted on the Post.
Snow and a few spiritual minds bring strangers together and find love in laughing.

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Published on Feb 6, 2015
Teresa the traveler faces the dilemma of how to get the 4 feet of snow off
her car during the Feb 2015 snow storm in Kitimat BC. Thankfully some
fellow KMP employees give her a hand and saved her car from potentially
getting crushed by snow.



Stalin..... Inside the Terror

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CARTOONs did Warn us - 50 year-old cartoons in 2011

Uploaded on Nov 19, 2011

(Author Unknown)

50 years later...Mega Factory Farms replace most independent farmers, Unions are being threatened, Giant Corporations are buying the Government and politicians, workers have to make huge concessions while top management gets huge bonuses, politicians are set for life with sweet pensions and paybacks for favors done lobbyists representing the interests of wealthy donors who keep them installed in office...need I go on? 


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Destroying a Culture - Creating another - A processing system.

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In my life time of 81 years, in One Nation of Provinces, I have seen changes made using a processing system. The System I was put into at the age of 77 is...  "The Family Court of Rules and Regulations." Someone designed this processing Machine!

I made my life time living designing and building things for humans; in factories using production lines and one by one in special shops.

In a Culture where people believe in God and Families, we see many small towns where people live from their birth until their death; when they get buried. You can see these histories in England. They all have cemeteries.

In  One Nation, we saw the "Culture of Jews" destroyed in big ovens, like a baker uses in a small a small town; batch by batch like Bagels are made.

Now, I want to reveal to you, the processing system I am still going through. It started when I was 77 and has yet to end and I entering 82.
I have been before two Judges in 2009; [about 90 minutes of time]

A 45 gallon Drum manufacturing factory I designed and built had about 50 and more operations completed in 2 hours. Every  5 seconds, 1 drum was completely finished and ready for delivery. At end of each day this plant could ship out about 6000 drums per day.

I'm still alive, but the system I'm still in, has destroyed all my belongings and my family.
The Jews in Germany when I was a Child were killed in Ovens.

Please see -  "Why are we in Decline? - Cultural Marxism has destroyed the valuable Family Life Style we once had."

and - "Comfort and the Opposite - Think about how much there is."

and  I Dis-like Bullies... and those who use them. YOUR HONOR?

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Thank you ......

Karl Marx and Marxism



Comfort and the Opposite - Think about how much there is.

Some poor Soul's can't find a comfort zone.

I thought at times when I was very young that I could live alone in this world; very easily on an Island where I could be King of all the Dogs.
No one would take me way from that Comfort Zone I'd be in.
I would be free from the evil-one in this weird world.
We get trapped in the comfort zone we find ourselves happy in,
The Super rich with power... know this secret.
They keep us happy and stuck where they find us. Little cockroaches in our apartments in Ottawa... the Capital of Canada.

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 I lost my thinking wife,  Denise Wesley
Now, everyone that passes by me... I test to see if I can catch her/him thinking.

Dennis my Mentor.



Only a few years ago the medical profession argued about this problem.

From an unknown author.
Moral distress in healthcare results from a professional's inability to provide compassionate care to patients because of individual, organizational, or societal barriers. Research suggests that moral distress is a growing concern among nurses, and may be a major reason why nurses leave one job for another or abandon the profession of nursing. Some professionals, however, have identified strategies that help them work through their moral distress toward an experience of moral comfort. These strategies may be individual, organizational, or societal. The focus of this paper is to identify examples of strategies professionals have used to alleviate distressful feelings and enhance moral comfort.