Saturday, October 3

Driving through life is dangerous ~ avoid being distracted.

Driving through life is dangerous ~ avoid being distracted.
This thought kept me thinking and meditating for hours.

President Obama [enriched by God] gave the members of the world a lesson telling us to avoid being distracted by Mr. Putin.  [The United Nations in New York City.]

Being distracted [by insufficient sleep] can lead in just two seconds, a Bus driver to cross into the oncoming traffic and kill.  

People like Putin do kill:  Too often by accident.

In Canada, we need leaders like Prime Minister Harper to keep driving our Nation through the dangerous times [we now see]

I be back after I have my daily meal [2:11 AM]

[4:22 AM]  I just returned from driving back from the restaurant where I eat.
Drivers like me are forced to take driving exams ~ which measure how easily we become distracted. 155 facts are given to us to recognize in 5 minutes; miss 1 and we loose our license to drive.

"Distraction is the real problem we have !
I am 82 years of age and still drive carefully
Before you vote; think for more than 48 hours.
Don Wesley 1933."