Tuesday, October 28

Hell pictures - A Trip To Hell - The Artists

Hello and welcome. My name is Don.
Please remember these paintings are, by artists who believe that they must get our attention, about a Hell that should rattle our bones; so we would think more....  before sinning; like murdering.
However, remember that the power of love does give us what we need, the energy love brings to us.


"We are the original artists of these drawings. We heard a voice of the Lord telling us that we need to let everyone know about the Hell much more clearly and vividly, so we remade this video."  The Artists



Hello there and welcome in; to a Divorce or a Crime?
My name is Don.

My wife has 2 names; Denise Wesley and Denise Prevost.
From day One
I never had a chance in the Courts,
because my “Rights,” were also
being abused
by the Court as well as Denise.
Looking at one story unfolding,
"The Divorce."
I did not factor in, "The Abuse by the Court itself."
So there are
to follow!