Wednesday, September 17

I am 81 and the other person who I've talked to the longest... is my Father

The most talking I have done with anyone, right up to now, has been with my Father.
Just suppose for a moment there is no life for the dead, and suppose God doesn't exist! Then all my "life-long-talking" has been to no one. We did however talk about love.
Then all I have learned in-my-whole-life, including spiritual matters, has been self-taught.
Talking to one self?

So you see 4 Fathers here - 1 is missing?
The "One" who is both spiritual and biological is missing.
We need to talk about this "One"
It is both important and urgent.
This is my Grandfather (Kerr) 
Me at 81
My Father
Me and Father 1933


My Son Steven; is now a Father

Understanding the 'Sensitives' - Who Are the Indigo Children?


Tristan Wesley

"Who Are the Indigo Children? Indigo children are the next step in our evolution. Up until recently, we have evolved as a biological species which searched for spirituality outside itself. But, along with the birth of these new children comes an exciting new evolutionary variation. The Indigo children are born with a biological connection to their own spirituality! They are a bridge to the next plane of humanity in which it is understood that spirituality is a fundamental human biological attribute. What does this mean? It means that part of what makes humanity tick is the spiritual seed within each of us. Even those of us who choose not to acknowledge our own spirituality are still contributing to the overall human experience which is spiritual in nature! The Indigos are simply one step closer, biologically, to the God-Self which exists within us and connects us all."

Don and his Dad 1934
That makes Don, 1 in the picture.
 Denise 2007
1 year before she left me

"The Indigos are very much a transitional generation, placed here as a bridge during this amazing chapter in our collective human experience. Their purpose is to bridge the gap between the old and the new. They are a unique blend of third-dimensional old energy existence, and the imminent shift into the new energy's higher dimensional ways of being. They stand as a beacon of hope for the future, ushering in a time of love, strength, and peace. Many Indigos will have great third-dimensional challenges in this life. Because there are so few parents and educators who understand what is happening, there will continue to be friction between the old and the new. But, just as the struggles of the generations before allowed for the introduction of these amazing new children, so too, will the Indigos' struggles pave the way for the generations to follow. The Indigo children will force parents to re-evaluate their parenting strategies and educators to re-structure their schools. The Indigos will be a force of love which will quietly, but surely bring about changes in the way we relate to one another. They will force changes on a mass scale, away from competition, toward cooperation. And when they're finished, something really exciting will begin to happen..."

Who is a Person who goes Poof - gone ?