Sunday, June 12

California Community Slowly Sinking Into Ground

30 homes have experienced massive erosion from inside as hillside collapses.

My Soul-Mate Denise Wesley - She is My Queen

We both are gifts to each other.
She has had to Overcome what is Called
Living  Hell.
I'm Proud of her Achievements,

Denise - 2014

Our Dog Nicky -RIP

Our very first Trip with a Teenaged Helper.
I was the new Captain of a Powerful Home Cruiser.

The whole family on our boat  Home

Our first trip alone on the Jaccam Home

Master of the Whole Family

Our Family Home - 1969 - 2009

The whole Family - Michael was in Her Belly.

She thought I was about to Pass-on

I didn't know Her then

Her Mom and Dad; we all loved each other.

Our Grand Daughter.

Here I was packing to leave our Home.
I should say evicted.

The kitchen a few days later

More will come in a few weeks:
Know that I love Her:
more than ever.
Don her lover!

My new Hypothesis about living things: Humans, Trees, ants included.

June 12, 2016

I just returned from my mid-night drive and supper at Tim Hortons.
I had a puzzle to solve for a new shelving product I needed for myself.

My mind jumped into the puzzle of Life.

That is a very big jump to another subject: I love.

My new Hypothesis about living things: Humans, Trees, ants included.
  1. The cardboard puzzles we buy have different pictures.
  2. We are like one huge picture on the same background puzzle board.
  3. Miss one piece and the puzzle is incomplete. 
  4. Damage one or two pieces  and you still see the picture.
  5. Our cars are also a mechanical puzzle. Break apart and get a mechanic to repair.
  6. Our bodies are a human puzzle: each with a different face.
  7. Get Born complete: And stay complete: And live physically and mental well.  
  8. Live until death as a fully complete Human.
  9. Quit living a sinful life and stay healthy.
  10. Our Bodies Heal Themselves.
  11. Water is a picture holder also
  12. Winter moisture on Window glass holds pictures also

Published on Apr 14, 2016

This presentation covers the different portions of the brain, including: the lobes, the mid-brain, the various nervous systems, and the roles of each section. This presentation covers the physiological reasons for depression, anxiety, as well as some other mental illnesses.